It’s all well and good having the latest consoles sat under your TV, and it’s always nice to be able to kick back with a fancy controller in hand. But what of the place that you actually kick back in? Well, whilst the edge of the bed is suitable for some, and the corner sofa encases more, it is the gaming chair which is the ultimate addition to your gaming life. Secretlab know this and have made a bit of a name of themselves in the last few years with a number of rather brilliant gaming chairs – the Stealth Titan is one of our favourite. Now though a whole new range of chairs has been launched, and this time round Secretlab are delving into the trend for woven-fabric with their SoftWeave range.

Known for being lightweight, breathable and super durable, fast becoming a bit of a staple in both the street and active wear scenes, it’s time for your gaming chair to also be treated to the soft touch of the weave. Secretlab’s SoftWeave fabric is totally custom-made, meticulously engineered and based on the latest and top-quality 350gsm short-yarn available on the market. These are woven together to produce a unique ultra-soft and fluffy texture.

So what do you get for all this work? Well, the result is a fabric upholstery that delivers a natural, soft touch, promising superior comfort for the longest gaming sessions as you sit in place for hours on end to best your mate’s times and scores. Providing ample support by conforming to and supporting the shape of the user’s back without losing its tensile strength or form even after prolonged periods of use, there is very little to not like about the new SoftWeave range. With the new fabric upholstered on Secretlab’s signature high-density cold-cured foam, the Secretlab SoftWeave chair is engineered to keep users comfortable and productive for long hours.

So where do you find this new SoftWeave? Well, the new line will be present across all of SecretLab’s Throne 2018, Omega 2018 and Titan chairs, with all the usual multi-tilt mechanisms, 4D armrests and memory foam lumbar pillows and built-in systems also present.

Said Alaric Choo, co-founder and Technical Director & Partnerships of Secretlab​: ​“We
were inspired by the use of new fabrics in the streetwear and activewear industry to create breathable, performance-enhancing products. Even the world’s tech giants are now
incorporating the use of fabrics to their devices. After extensive research and rigorous tests we created SoftWeaveTM which is the perfect balance between comfort, breathability and style.”

If you like the sound of what the SoftWeave brings, then you may well be interested to hear that the line comes in three flavours…

  • Cookies & Cream (light grey fabric with black suede accents), available for the
    OMEGA 2018 and TITAN
  • Charcoal (dark grey fabric with azure blue stitching), available for the OMEGA 2018
  • Coal Pink (dark grey fabric with magenta stitching), available for the THRONE 2018

So… prices, and should you have a little cash to spare, it seems like right now is the best time to get involved in the new SoftWeave chairs, mainly because there are some hefty discounts available from launch…

  • The THRONE 2018 SoftWeaveTM has a list price of £370 but will be available
    immediately at a special launch pricing of £299.
  • The OMEGA 2018 SoftWeaveTM has a list price of £420 but will be available
    immediately at a special launch pricing of £319.
  • The TITAN SoftWeaveTM , listed at £480, will also be available immediately at a
    special launch pricing of £379.

Tempted? We certainly think that the introduction of the SoftWeave range is a great way for Secretlab to go and we can’t wait to see how it compares to the rather brilliant Titan Stealth that is our current gaming chair of choice.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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