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Secretlab Titan SoftWeave Gaming Chair Review


Back in late-2017, the name of Secretlab was thrust towards me. I’d never heard of them – but despite that – their Titan Stealth Gaming Chair was one that utterly took over my life. In fact, to this day, it is still the most comfortable gaming chair I’ve sat in.

Now though Secretlab are moving on in the game, and with a trend for woven fabric taking over all corners of society, it feels right that we see the same treatment given out to the gaming scene. And it is this which Secretlab have kindly provided for review – the Titan SoftWeave Gaming Chair.

The SoftWeave fabric that Secretlab are adorning their latest range of chairs with is nothing short of spectacular. Totally custom made and created by weaving together high quality 350gsm short yarn, Secretlab promise that the SoftWeave range of chairs they have delivered will bring a natural, soft touch with superior comfort for the very longest sessions, with the perfect balance between comfort, breathability and style.

I’m not one to disagree with that statement.

secretlab titan softweave chair review

In fact, from the very first moment I laid eyes on the visual delights of the Titan SoftWeave in the simple unboxing process, I’ve been wowed by the look. Light grey in colour with black suede accents that complement the base and back tremendously, it has to be said that the Titan SoftWeave in particular is a bit of a head turner. Without a doubt, if you have the money to spend and want something that is extremely good looking, then you shouldn’t really be looking past this range.

With the SoftWeave touch being applied to all of Secretlab’s Omega, Throne and Titan ranges, chances are you’ll be left more than happy with any of your choices, but it is the Titan SoftWeave I am here to chat about, and it is one that is seemingly built just for gamers.

As a 6ft 2in 85kg male who just loves to find somewhere soft to plonk himself when gearing up for intense gaming sessions, I’ve been a firm advocate of the Secretlab Titan range for the last year or so. The Titan Stealth is a delightful chair to use, blending into the background when need be; perfect for the stealth fuelled gamer. The same can’t exactly be said for the grey and black SoftWeave though, however that’s not to say it doesn’t have a place. Instead it could be said that it is a better looking piece of kit than the Titan Stealth, with it certainly fitting in to an office environment much better than its Stealth counterpart, which may be a more rounded fit for those gamers who like to show off. You know, those who have flashing keyboards, controllers and PC towers.

As a chair though, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about the Titan SoftWeave. I mean that quite literally too as after spending a good few weeks with it, once again I’ve been left gobsmacked by how good a simple chair can be.

From the off, the unboxing and installation process is a cinch thanks to the clear and precise instructions that Secretlab include in the box, and whilst a couple of extra hands is always handy, a single person could still easily put this chair together in less than 30 minutes.

secretlab titan softweave chair review 2

But it is once things are all assembled when the real joy of the Secretlab Titan SoftWeave Gaming Chair comes into its own. With the pale grey colour scheme accented by flashes of black on top of the signature high-density cold-cured foam-filled seat base, up the sides of the backrest and into the front and rear logos, like previously mentioned, this is a bit of a looker. But it’s also very comfortable with a slightly fluffy overall feel being in stark contrast to the Titan Stealth that I previously hyped up. It’s a joy to sit in and even though the UK weather won’t allow for shorts and the ‘sticky’ factor to yet come into play, I wouldn’t hesitate to guess that this will be a better long term bet than the leather coverings of many other gaming chairs.

That said, initial thoughts are that SoftWeave fabric isn’t as simple to keep utterly clean though and whilst a quick wipedown is good enough to keep things looking pristine, I do feel more comfortable eating and drinking when in the vicinity of a leather bound seat. As long as you are careful, I see no reason why the SoftWeave fabric wouldn’t hold up long term though – just be aware of that red wine!

With the usual Secretlab levers dictating overall comfort, allowing you to adjust the reclining action of the backrest, with further levers under the seat letting you fine-tune the height and tilt of the seat portion, there is next to no reason why you wouldn’t be able to find the Titan SoftWeave delivering the optimum settings for your needs. In fact, the decent movement in height of seat allows this to be a chair that will be easily comfortable to those of all heights. Secretlab mention that the Titan series of chairs should be suitable for those between 5ft 7in to 6ft 4in, however I’m pretty certain that those taller and shorter than that will still be well catered for.

secretlab titan softweave chair review 3

It’s not just all about adjustable levers though and you can also throw in a dialable lumbar support which lets you ensure that the right amount of pressure in the lowerback is put in place, whilst the rather lovely, perfectly sized, memory-foamed black velour neck cushion is a delight to rest your weary head into. The only thing that is seemingly missing from it is a full-on head massage option. C’mon Secretlab, you know that’s the future!

The two four-directional armrests which sit either side of the chair are a thing of pure beauty too. Quite obviously upgraded over the Titan Stealth, these are a much more modern, class affair with both rests coming complete with a good degree of bounce and squishyness. No matter whether you are sat in this chair for 5 minutes or 5 hours, the feel that you get through the armrests onto your elbows is one of complete comfort and a huge improvement over previous. The ability to raise, lower, twist and slide them through all manner of angles is just something extra that allows for even more positioning opportunities.

And then that gets us on to the very bottom of the chair and the black five-pronged base that is concluded with 5 XL casters. These are lovely to use on hard floors, allowing for the chance to really zip around in style, and they look great too. However, moving the chair on to a raised pile carpet is more of a struggle and when put into use next to a chair that features larger than standard casters, the Secretlab Titan SoftWeave does let itself down a little. That’s not to say you can’t move it around on carpet – you can – but a slightly larger wheelset would have ensured that this is the ultimate chair for all surfaces. Yes, they may be classed as ‘XL’, but bigger would be better.

secretlab titan softweave chair review 1

At the end of the day though, the slightly smaller caster size than those found elsewhere shouldn’t be something that sees you shy away from the Secretlab Titan SoftWeave, because if you do, then you’d be missing out on something a bit special. From the overall design, the colour tones, the amount of adjustability and the sheer comfort of the seat base, backrest and the new super comfy 4D armrests, I’m not sure there is a better package available in the gaming chair market. Yes, there are cheaper options available, but we live in a world in which you get what you pay for, and that is most certainly the case with the Secretlab Titan SoftWeave Gaming Chair.

It’s a stunner and, if you can afford one, you should be nailing your colours to the Secretlab SoftWeave mast in an instant.

Massive thanks go out to Secretlab for providing the Titan SoftWeave Gaming Chair for review. You can purchase one direct from Secretlab right now.

Neil Watton
Neil Wattonhttps://www.thexboxhub.com/
An Xbox gamer since 2002, I bought the big black box just to play Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. I have since loved every second of the 360's life and am now just as obsessed with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S - mostly with the brilliant indie scene that has come to the fore. Gamertag is neil363, feel free to add me to your list.
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