In need of a new top-down shooter in which you get to destroy anything and everything as you see fit? You got it with the release of Destropolis on Xbox. 

Previously seen on the PC Steam and Nintendo Switch stores, Destropolis shoots out at Xbox players as it releases on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, allowing players to tear apart the world around them. 

It’s a game which will have you seeing red – quite literally – as Destropolis from No Gravity Games takes you to the heart of a futuristic city; one that is filled with a ton of red foes. It’ll be up to you to grab you arsenal of weapons and take them down, utilising bullets, lasers and even nuclear explosions. Whatever you use, just be use to destroy em all. 

Playable alone as a solo player or also capable of hosting like-minded friends via a local cooperative mode, Destropolis looks to cater for those who are just after some mindless death and destruction. If that’s you – and you’re looking to kick back on an evening and let the mind just wander, we’re not sure there’s anything better. 

The £4.99 price tag that allows you to download the game from the Xbox Store certainly helps. It’s playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Remember it’s on PC and Switch too.

We’ll go about the review process in the coming days. Keep an eye out for our thoughts. 

Game Description:

Destropolis is a top-down shooter game, inspired by such classic games like “Crimsonland”, “Alien Shooter” or “Nuclear Throne”. It takes place in a futuristic city, filled with red, cube-like enemies. Tear them to pieces with bullets, lasers and nuclear explosions. Play alone or with friends in a local co-op mode. Destroy as many enemies as you can before they overwhelm you.

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