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2D platforming, action, adventure and a retro pixel arted style. There’s nothing new in what Rift Adventure on Xbox is able to provide.  Until you get to the fact that this is a game that is also looking to educate and raise awareness about tax. Yeah, tax. What fun.

Ignore it if you must but the tax system and paying of our dues is a major part of our lives, but unless you’re taking in specific courses or lessons, few people rarely ever really understand how they work. That’s where QUByte Interactive come in (they previously behind Super Hiking League DX) with Rift Adventure; a game which looks to raise awareness of young people, teenagers and also homesick players about tax, tax education, citizenship and cause and consequence of your actions.

A tough hitting subject, but Rift Adventure looks to have more about it than just that. It’s a game which whisks you off to the big city, as you begin to learn and understand how tax is built-in to the products that we buy on the every day. But this city is set in a fantasy medieval land, where characters are animals and the main protagonist is heart set on gathering up treasures and excitement. 

Considering the low £6.69 asking price, we’re certainly up for taking in Rift Adventure on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, if only to try and understand how the whole tax system/teaching angle has been integrated into what is seemingly a standard platformer. Keep an eye out for our full review soon. 

If you agree and want to see how it plays out for yourself, just head to the Xbox Store and grab a download. 

Game Description:

Rift Adventure is a pixelart platform in a magical world full of adventures and with a functional tax system, it is up to the player, to walk beyond his own future as an adventurer, the future of the city’s development.

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