Sonic the Hedgehog JAKKS toys

SEGA have just announced a multi-year, global toy licensing deal with world renowned toymakers and the US market leader, JAKKS Pacific, to manufacture and distribute toys based on the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog brand!

Ever since the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise launched in 1991, it’s constantly been up there with the most popular gaming brands ever. Despite the odd blip in delivering solid new games that live up to the classics, that spiky blue hedgehog has seen something of a mass resurgence lately, especially with Sonic Mania doing a cracking job at bringing fresh ideas to the table and throwing in a hefty dose of nostalgia to create a great experience for fans and newcomers alike. Sonic has also expanded outside of the gaming world to the likes of TV, comics and other areas of the entertainment areas, so it’s no surprise to see JAKKS involved to conjure up toys.

You won’t have to wait too long to find out what awesome creations will be coming to market either as JAKKS will be showcasing its entire line of Sonic the Hedgehog action figures, playsets, plush, collectibles, and novelty items, at the International Toy Fair in New York from 16th-19th February, 2019. One item fans will no doubt rush to their nearest store for is the Pinball Track Set, which brings the iconic video game to life with a customizable track and features an exclusive Sonic Sphere and removable figure. You’ll be able to simply pull the pinball launcher and shoot the Sonic Spheres through the loops and turns. 

“We are incredibly excited to work with SEGA of America to bring this iconic property and character to life,” said Craig Drobis, SVP Marketing, JAKKS Pacific. “The JAKKS line of toys, role-play, and dress-up extends the ‘Sonic’ experience from screen-time to play-time.”

“As a best-in-class toy company that possesses an exemplary track record with legendary brands in the gaming space, it made perfect sense for us to enter into a partnership with JAKKS Pacific,” said Anoulay Tsai, Licensing Director, SEGA of America. “This is a great step forward for Sonic the Hedgehog as we endeavor to break barriers at the speed of sound in toys!”

The global launch – except in Asia – of these Sonic the Hedgehog toys will see that they are available at retail this Fall for fans from ages three and older (you’re never too old for Sonic!), with price points starting from as little as $4.99. Be sure to keep an eye on the International Toy Fair to find out the entire range!

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