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Loot. Shoot. Dodge. Reload – That’s what Headup Games and Retrific Game Studio are hoping will happen with Colt Canyon on Xbox One, NIntendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC!

Announced today by the team at Headup Games and the German one-man indie outfit at Retrific Game Studio is Colt Canyon, a stylish 2D pixel art twin-sticker that will be coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

If you want to keep your hammer cocked and are ready to strap on a revolver, then Colt Canyon will deliver you the Wild West goodies come Q3 2019, as we get the opportunity to take charge of a cowboy or cowgirl attempting to save their partner from the most ruthless of bandits.

As you may well expect to hear, rootin’, tootin’, lootin’ shootin’ fun will be had by all as you utilise your revolver, your knife and a ton of TNT in order to help you make your way through a hostile canyon full of bloodthirsty scum, and plentiful amounts of loot. Lots of loot.

A solo player should be more than happy with what Colt Canyon on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC is able to offer, however there is nothing like hitting the outback with a friend in tow and participating in a local cooperative mode is also doable.

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You may wish to do that too as even though the landscape found within Colt Canyon will have been lovingly handcrafted, everything else is randomised, ensuring that there is always a reason to explore – new weapons, more ammo, kidnapped people will all be stumbled upon. With permadeath, roguelike gameplay and many unlockable characters, Colt Canyon offers high replayability value: Every run is different and the more you play, the better your next loadout could well be.

Promising to be a punchy, highly atmospheric Wild West roguelite, Colt Canyon will be coming with the following features in tow…

  • Range of characters and weapons to play and unlock
  • Dynamic and immersive environments and enemies
  • AI-Controlled companions
  • Local Coop
  • Upgrades for you and your companions
  • Randomized, persistent and open levels
  • Strategic stealth and fast-paced action
  • Boss Fights
  • Roguelike elements
  • Permadeath
  • High replayability
  • Beautiful minimalistic pixel art
  • Punchy particle effects
  • and much more…

Interested by what Headup Games and Retrific Game Studios are looking to achieve with Colt Canyon? Check out the announcement trailer below and then hold tight for us to bring you further details in the weeks and months ahead!

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