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With one of our most favourite weeks of Rocksmith content having just gone by with the arrival of the brilliant Riot Grrrl Song Pack, all eyes now turn to a new week’s worth of content and this time around we see Sevendust join the Rocksmith ranks.

Making their video game debut, Sevendust have now dropped a triple pack of their best tunes to the Rocksmith library, allowing Xbox and PlayStation rockers still attempting to get to grips with the way of the axe the opportunity to learn some new tunes.

Running at a price point of £6.69 the Sevendust Song Pack for Rocksmith contains…

  • Praise
  • Black
  • Angel’s Son

Having first formed way back in 1994 as the alternative music scene was literally exploding, Sevendust have since dropped 12 studio albums to the world, and while they may not have quite gathered up the huge success that some other bands who have featured in the Rocksmith library have managed, they still more than deserve a spot in the catalogue.

As well as that full Sevendust Song Pack for £6.69 you’ll also discover that each of the individual Sevendust tunes are available individually too, with a price of £2.49 attached to each song. That therefore allows non-fans of the band the opportunity to start slowly, taking their pick of tunes to learn – and it is here where we’d certainly point you in the direction of ‘Praise’.

If you are a fan of the band though then the full song pack will no doubt be the way to go. The usual Xbox and PlayStation Stores will sort out the required downloads. Just remember you need to have a copy of the base Rocksmith game to hand first. But hey, you knew that already, didn’t ya?

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be jumping in and praising the Rocksmith Sevendust Song Pack. We’d love to hear from you.

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