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Shadow of the Tomb Raider was one of our favourite games of last year, and rightly so with its multitude of things to do, gripping storytelling and overall fun to be had, controlling Lara for the last time in the rebooted trilogy. But was it really the last time? Well, not really, as Shadow of the Tomb Raider – The Nightmare has released.

The latest piece of DLC for SOTTR, The Nightmare puts Lara up against her toughest enemy yet – her only real equal – herself. You see, players will be returned to a familiar location in Croft Manor, but not as they know it from games of the past. A mega challenge awaits, and you must be up for it. As well as battling her own demons, expect to find Lara squaring up against familiar enemies via the fluid but realistic combat we have come to love from the modern Tomb Raider trilogy.

In its purest essence, The Nightmare DLC tasks you with traversing through a grudgingly difficult environment in order to obtain a powerful super-weapon, the likes of which Ms. Croft has never had access to.

It’s all pretty exciting stuff, especially with the promise of an all-new Challenge Tomb to tackle, so if you are a fan of all-things Tomb Raider then make sure you pick up Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s The Nightmare DLC. You can do so on Xbox One by visiting the Xbox Store and splashing the measly £3.99 required (unless you’re a Season Pass holder in which case The Nightmare is included), but the content should also be available for other gamers – ie, PS4 and PC.

Additionally, and even though it is included in The Nightmare DLC, the Fear Incarnate Gear DLC pack is also available as a separate purchase. Priced at £2.39 this includes The Scales of Q outfit and The Grip of Fear. The former comes with thick hides and solid bones to provide twice as much resistance to melee attacks, whilst The Grip of Fear’s has ben optimized for climbing and fighting. Expect to see your enemies are more likely to get knocked down, and staying down longer, when this is fitted.

DLC Description:

Learn the secret Uchu has told no one else! In order to obtain a powerful and mysterious weapon, Lara Croft must face the music in a brand-new challenge tomb, battle foes who look like but are not like any she’s ever faced, and confront the deadliest enemy of all: herself. The Nightmare offers new customization options, with the Scales of Q outfit, the Grip of Fear ax, and the White Breath skill, which grants Lara’s Fear Arrows the power of an area effect.

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