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Remakes can go one of two ways; they can be utterly brilliant and take the original game on to a new level, or they can destroy a lifetimes work. Thankfully, the remake of Shadow Warrior seems to be going the way of the former.

Coming from Devolver Digital, Shadow Warrior on Xbox One and PS4 focuses on the story of Lo Wang in his quest to track down a legendary blade, the Nobitsura Kage. Unfortunately the blade in question is linked to gods from another realm and threatens to end the world as Lo Wang knows it.

Set as a single player, first person shooter, you’ll get to wield blades, guns and indeed magic as Wang tries to banish the demons back into the darkness, a darkness that is filled with blood, guts and many many MANY moments of limb removal.

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For in my hands on time with Shadow Warrior, I was somewhat surprised to see just so much claret being spilt all over the show. There was so much in fact, that I have to somewhat question the sanity of the guys behind the game. I was never fortunate enough to experience the original game and so it was a bit of a shock to the system to experience such a gory bit of gameplay….not that it is a bad thing, just that it came as a big old surprise. Maybe it’s the stunning visuals that help promote the gore, or maybe it’s just that there’s so much of it….I dunno, just be prepared!

There will be four modes on offer when the game releases at the end of October; a campaign which follows Wangs story, an Ex mode, Heroic mode and the now customary first person staple, Survival.

From playing through the ‘Two Million Dollars’ level in the campaign, you’ll find relaxing Koi ponds and beautiful cherry blossoms throughout the oriental setting. But things turn out to be far from peaceful as it doesn’t take long for the demons to start creeping through into the real world and you are quickly thrust into a shooter that is not only great fun to play, but is nearly as hectic as Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Whether you decide to attack with your blade, your gun or your shurikens, combat is fast, fluid and above all else, bloody. One swipe with the blade may take an arm off, another a leg, but even when the fallen are lying defenseless on the floor, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you throwing a flurry of attacks into their lifeless body….you gotta be sure they are dead, right?

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With an old skool vibe (you’ll notice that the second you glance at the health meter), the remade and rebooted Shadow Warrior will bring plenty of action to your Xbox One and PS4 when it releases on October 24th….and if you are in need of a challenge, the hard and insane difficulty levels look to be something that will keep you engaged for a good old while, as should the fortune cookie collectables.

Just make sure the kids are kept well away because the demon bunnies will scare the hell out of them!

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