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Shapeshifting Druids and Ferocious Furfolk come to Portal Knights via new expansion


Since launch in 2017, Portal Knights on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam has continued to grow, with a slew of DLC pieces hitting the game. Today it grows once more with the arrival of the Portal Knights Druids, Furfolk and Relic Defense pack.

Available to purchase right now from the usual digital stores, the Portal Knight Druids, Furfolk and Relic Defense pack will set you back £8.39 to deliver more adventure, discovery and gameplay styles than ever before.

This new DLC pack introduces a new class to Portal Knights for the first time, allowing players the chance to adventure through immersive and colourful 3D worlds as a shapeshifting Druid. And should you choose to begin your Portal Knights adventure as a Druid will find that you can embrace the wild side and transform into a variety of forms with unique abilities and attacks – a ferocious bear, a spine-chilling spider and a really gross slime are all possible.

Further to that though and a new race, the ferocious Furfolk, are also available, giving players an opportunity to create their very own member of this proud, new race with customizable fur colours, ears, muzzles and more!

But that’s not all and three new action-packed arenas debut in the latest expansion. This will let those enjoying the Druids and Furfolk to defend ancient relics known as the Star Stones by crafting traps and magical bombardments to overcome waves of enemy onslaught to earn heroic rewards including mythical unicorn and dragon mounts. Each of these arenas will also feature a Hard Mode, where only the most daring of players will be able to conquer the toughest of enemies and claim victory.

And whilst that all sounds great, there is also a free update arriving in Portal Knights to accompany this pack. This includes features such as:

  • Basic mounts now available for all players including horses, pigs and more – available at NPC merchants throughout the land of Elysia
  • Musical pressure plates are now available for in-game purchase in PortalKnights adventure mode. Team up with friends and make beautiful music together!
  • Creative Mode additions including waypoints set for enemies and new items to help players build their very own race tracks for newly earned mounts.
  • PC ONLY: Players can edit the text of NPCs and create their own mini adventures!
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements throughout Portal Knights

Do these additions mean it’s now time to head back to Portal Knights? Let us know if you plan on getting involved by dropping in to the comments.

DLC Description:

Travel to the far side of Faynore to defend its sacred relics! FEATURES: PLAY AS A DRUID! Embrace your “wild side” with this new, playable class capable of shapeshifting into fearsome animal forms! PLAY AS A FURFOLK! Create your very own member of a proud, new race with customizable fur colors, ears, muzzles, and more! DEFEND THE STAR STONES! Our newest game mode calls upon you to protect the Furfolk’s most sacred relics in arenas besieged by invaders! Craft traps between waves of attackers to tilt the odds in your favor. HEROIC REWARDS AND MOUNTS Those brave enough to defend the Star Stones are rewarded with rare new treasures — including mythical mounts such as unicorns and dragons! BRING YOUR FRIENDS TO FAYNORE Host other players on the Furfolk islands of Faynore! Note: only players who own this expansion will be able to use items found there.

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