Engrossed by the 4v1 multiplayer horror experience that is Dead by Daylight, but have exhausted the maps, the killer abilities and the skills of the survivors? You’re in luck as today a brand new content pack has hit – Shattered Bloodlines.

Available right now for purchase, Dead by Daylight: Shattered Bloodline will set you back just £6.39, but for that price you’ll get access to a brand new killer, a new survivor and a rather delightful new home for the action to take place in.

Adam Francis is the survivor we are speaking of and this resourceful teacher just about knows how to handle himself. Coming complete with a Diversion Perk, the chance to escape from the clutches of any killer and the ability to earn tokens upon healing survivors, if you are in need of a new hero, then Francis could well be it.

If on the other hand you prefer to roll on the dark side, the latest Killer has some nifty tricks up its sleeve too. The Spirit can traverse the environment with ease, staying away from those human eyes and popping up to do the most damage when least expected. A haunted creature, expect to find yourself living with nightmares with each and every approach.

Finally the new map is that of a Yamaoka residence. With the house falling apart, and only a single Maple tree inhabiting the garden, this is one new arena that players finding themselves drawn into the Dead by Daylight world will no doubt fully embrace.

Should you be tempted by the horrors on show with the Shattered Bloodline content, then the Xbox Store will sort you out with access. Pay it a visit… if you dare!

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DLC Description:

The SHATTERED BLOODLINE Chapter is a Chapter for Dead by Daylight and it includes a new Killer, a Survivor and a Map. What lies beneath the mundane can be terrifying. Under the layers of quaint family life, violence festers. When this dark rampant force lashes out, lives are broken and families shattered. Wrath was her bloodline. She came home to unimaginable horrors that left their mark. Now she walks, haunting and vengeful, between this world and the next. Adam Francis has no legacy, no inheritance. Everything he owns, he earned. Disciplined and driven, he knows he can do anything when he puts his mind to it. His hard work paid off and he traded his island for an archipelago, miles away from home. In Japan, he shares the lessons he worked so hard to learn on his own. But nothing prepared him for this course.


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