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Sim-builders rejoice! For fans of 2021’s Surviving the Aftermath – an intricate base-building title reminiscent of the excellent Aven Colony – today is a great day, with the release of the second expansion to the game, Shattered Hope, bringing all new lunar resources to your creations.

Available to download on top of the base game today, on Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms, Surviving the Aftermath: Shattered Hope takes this post-apocalyptic city-builder to a new level. As well as the tons of buildings, specialists to recruit, and materials to scavenge that the base game offers, Shattered Hope has you harness the power of the Moon!

In this devastated interpretation of the world, the moon far above has fragmented into tiny pieces, and you can make the most of a bad thing by harvesting these lunar deposits. Such resources can then be applied to your buildings to increase production time, expanding the output of your colony, and hopefully give you the edge over rival crews.

As well as the Building Boost mechanic, Shattered Hope is also treating players to a brand new system – yet another criteria to manage in what can be a complex simulation. The value of ‘Hope’ literally cannot be understated, as when awful catastrophes occur in game, the Hope levels will decrease: drop low enough, and your state will be placed into a bout of anguish. Anguished colonists may turn against you, and as such a number of fun activities must be hosted in your city to keep morale high. Anyone for a great feast?

Features include:

  • Face the Moonfall and use it to your advantage with the new Building Boost mechanic – The Moon is shattered in the sky and its fragments are crushing down on Earth leaving behind them devastation – but also moon rock deposits. You can refine lunar fragments and obtain lunar dust which will be used to increase the production of your buildings for a limited time. This new building boost mechanic is called overtime.
  • Keep your hopes up, and feast! – Hope is a new global value that decreases over time and when catastrophes happen in the game. If kept too low for too long, it will trigger a new condition called anguish that, if left untreated, may turn your colonists hostile. So, keep your hope as high as possible by holding feasts at the new colony square building.
  • New production chain: take care of your colonists – When colonists experience anguish, you can help them by building a trauma center where they will heal. They will recover faster thanks to a brand-new medicine called antistress. To make it, you’ll have to grow raw resources on the mushroom farm, then refine them into the actual medicine in the med hut building.

For those of you with the base game of Surviving the Aftermath, on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One you can download the Shattered Hope expansion via the Xbox Store. However, if you are a particularly enthusiastic post-apocalyptic leader, then you may have treated yourself to the Surviving the Aftermath: Ultimate Colony Upgrade or Ultimate Colony Edition, which has this expansion come to you free of charge. Alternatively, Shattered Hope is available on PS5, PS4 and PC.

DLC Description:

The Moon is shattered. Broken. Lost in the vast space above planet Earth. What was once a beacon of hope in the sky has now left survivors to deal with a new, catastrophic void in “Shattered Hope”, the new Expansion for Surviving the Aftermath. Use the Moon’s fragments to your advantage and make sure to keep your hopes up (literally!) to survive.

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