logo_crimes&punishments_blackDon’t fear Xbox 360 users, there’s still plenty to look forward to in 2014 and here’s just one example (if it suits your tastes). Frogwares are developing another Sherlock Holmes title in Crimes & Punishments and dare I say the latest info is getting us a little bit excited.

Essentially a puzzler, you will take control of a Sherlock Holmes inspired by his many incarnations in a graphically improved game (thanks to the Unreal Engine) through seven cases of theft, murder and disappearances just to name a few. These will create twelve different endings, surely adding extra life for replayability purposes.


They revealed a few more details today through their own blog. There will be 79 puzzles on offer and during your investigations you may have to test objects you find, whether they are substances or materials, in order to figure out their relation to the case. I am assured these methods of testing are based on real chemistry and physics, as well as being common methods of the 19th century.

Using the information garnered from the tests you can correlate this with Sherlock Holmes’ own archives, maps, magazines and books to put the pieces together in order to create a very accurate timeline. Another type of puzzle you can expect to find is a 3D Constructor type, where it seems you are set the task of literally putting the pieces together to form a structure.

Last but not least, prepare for a bit of fisticuffs as they are bringing action into it. Whether it’s the fighting, arm-wrestling, snake charming or first aid, you better react quickly and make the right decision. Speaking of decisions you need to make sure you study all clues properly or you may lock up the wrong person. Could you have that on your consciences?


Sherlock Holmes : Crimes & Punishments – Coming Q2 2014 to Xbox 360


Frogwares, the developers, recently released a few additional screenshots in order for us gamers to compare the Xbox 360, PS4 and PC versions. Below are a few of the 360 images, sadly they can’t match the quality of other platforms.

SHER360v1 SHER360v2 SHER360v3

Most recently Frogwares wanted us to get to know Detective Holmes a little more closely in a video that shows how his mind works and what he’s willing to do to test his theories.


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