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Honestly, if you like the railroads or adore the locos, there is probably nothing better than what Dovetail Games have created in Train Sim World 2. And with the amount of new content that has hit the game since launch, there is enough included to keep you busy for hundreds of hours. But Dovetail aren’t anywhere near done, continuing to push out the content – with the latest coming in the form of the modern electric loco, the DB BR 101. 

Available to purchase and add into your Train Sim World 2 base game, the DB BR 101 is well known in the railway circles, thought of as an utter classic of the German scene. And now you could be driving and riding this classic as the Train Sim World 2: DB BR 101 DLC launches. 

Priced at £11.99 – although a purchase of the previously available Train Sim World 2: Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr expansion is required in order to see it all working fine – the DB BR 101 DLC brings the classic onto the rails, letting you experience the iconic loco for yourself. 

Having first come into service back in 1997 in order to replace the ageing motive power that was prevalent, the DB BR 101 has since worked hard on the inter-city routes all across Germany, with no less than 145 created in total. 

And now you’ll be able to use it across the entirety of Train Sim World 2. If you’re one of those who absolutely love the intricacies of the rail system and have found huge love with Train Sim World 2, head over to your favourite digital store and consider adding the DB BR 101 expansion into your game now. The Xbox Store will sort you out if you play on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.

DLC Description:

Please note: Train Sim World 2: Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr is required, as a separate purchase, in order to utilise the content featured in this add-on. The DB BR 101 is a classic among the modern electric locomotives of Germany, with heritage spanning some of the nation’s most revolutionary designs and continuing the honour by working throughout the Deutsche Bahn network every day. Experience this icon for yourself in Train Sim World 2! Built to replace ageing motive power, the DB BR 101 entered service in 1997 and brought with it a new era of efficiency, its carefully crafted design paved its way to becoming an icon on high-speed passenger services. A total of 145 were built, and for the past 24 years they have been working hard on inter-city services across Germany.

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