train sim world 3 Bahnstrecke Bremen – Oldenburg

We’d hope that the Dovetail Games hierarchy give their creators a little bit of time off over the holiday period, for it seems like they are up there amongst the hardest working team in the land – at least if we take the plethora of DLC packs that they’ve dropped to Train Sim World as read. Today though another option comes the way of Train Sim World 3 players and this time they’ll be going electric with the new Bahnstrecke Bremen – Oldenburg route. 

Train Sim World 3 is quite possibly the great railway simulator to hit the market, as Dovetail have built on previously editions of the franchise to provide players with the biggest option yet. It’s a game that does pretty much everything you could ask for a railway simulator, whisking us off to the tracks, taking on dynamic weathers, coping with the skills required to become a full-on train driver. 

It’s also a game that has continued to be filled out, all via multiple DLC packs. The latest of these is the Bahnstrecke Bremen – Oldenburg, arriving today on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. 

What does it bring? Well, as the name suggests the Bahnstrecke Bremen – Oldenburg add-on introduces a new German route, as we take a trip between the cities of Bremen and Oldenburg. It’s here where a number of different services are in operation and you’ll find the much-requested n-Wagen rolling stock, pushed and pulled by the DB BR 110.3 through the use of the n-Wagen cab car. There are also local EMU services in a newly liveried BR 425 which can be operated between Bremen and Hude and the familiar BR 155, in an all-new PRESS livery, hauling freight across the length of this scenic line.

For the first time in a Train Sim World game or associated DLC, there’s an animated lift bridge and customisable barge to be found too – the latter of which can be personalised in the Livery Editor. 

Further, if you own any previously released German Train Sim World content, then you’ll be able to discover no less than 272 playable services, as the game makes the most of service layers from such routes as Tharandter Rampe, Nahverkehr Dresden and Kassel-Würzburg.

You’ll find the Train Sim World 3: Bahnstrecke Bremen – Oldenburg Add-on available today for Xbox, PlayStation and Windows PC players. The add-on, which requires prior purchase of Train Sim World 3, obviously, but from there you are good to go.

Should you not have the base game to hand yet, you’ll find it on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. There’s some Game Pass power behind it at this moment in time too. 

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