Are you feeling nostalgic for some old-school retro platforming? Want something to scratch that co-op itch? Shift Happens may just be the game to make you get a shift on over to the Xbox game store.

Available right now on Xbox One, Shift Happens allows you to take on the adventures of Bismo and Plom after an accident in a factory connects them together and enables them to shift their shared common mass at any time. Throughout the 40+ levels found in the four main stages, you, or you and a friend, face challenging puzzles and different obstacles, with secret areas and arena based levels included for those with the best in cooperative communication skills.

Through the push of a button you can change both your size and strength, in turn affecting the size and strength of your partner in the process, forcing you to work together in order to progress.

Haven’t got anyone to help out with some couch co-op platforming action? Well, you can just jump online with friends in fully integrated online co-op or go it alone solo with full control over both Bismo and Plom in separate levels for you to enjoy.

Shift Happens is available now on Xbox One and PC for the price of £11.99 – there’s also a free trial available! If you’re still not sure after that, then you may as wait to see what we’ve got to say about it in our review. It’ll be here soon!

Game Description:

Shift Happens presents Bismo and Plom – two loveable jelly creatures who got merged due to a comical yet dramatic accident. Together they have to solve lots of puzzles, survive daring jump- and climbing actions. And they have to collect lots of valuable coins. Get yourself taken into a totally unique gameplay experience which can also be enjoyed together on a couch. In over 40 levels. Separated into four different worlds, Shift Happens offers everything a true Jump & Run fan will ever need.

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