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Shine bright with the Fortnite Fallen Light Pack and V-Bucks

fortnite fallen light pack

It’s not like we needed any more kind of customisation in Fortnite, but with the addition of the latest Fallen Light Pack for the game, that’s exactly what we are getting. It’s here where you’ll find access to new outfits, back blings, weaponry and, best of all, some glorious V-Bucks. It’s pretty cheap too.

Available to purchase, download and add into your Fortnite base game, the Fallen Light Pack is one of the cheaper options on Fortnite’s battle royale table. You see, whilst we have the Robo-Ray and The Lars packs coming in at the more expensive end of the scale, much like that of Dizzie’s Domain, the Fallen Light offering is a cheap affair, one that will ensure that players looking for a new Fortnite hit can get involved without hassle. 

Priced at just £3.19, the Fallen Light pack has everything you could want though, with the main focus sitting on that of D’Ark. It’s here where a new D’Ark Outfit comes into play, along with the Shattered Hope Back Bling and Dark Blessing Pickaxe. 

But for many, whilst the addition of new cosmetics is all well and good, it’s the inclusion of the all-important V-Bucks that will be of most interest. This pack comes with 600 of them included from the get-go, letting you go and purchase your own gear further down the line. With V-Bucks pretty much making the world go round, we’re not sure how any Fortnite player could possibly turn down the opportunities that are granted here. 

You’ll find the Fortnite – Fallen Light Pack present and correct on the Xbox Store, with that low asking price in tow. Expect to also find it on the stores of other formats too. Just be aware that you’ll need the base game to hand in order to make any use of it. 

DLC Description:

Despite her name, D’Ark will always light her own path. The future still looks bright with the Fallen Light Pack.

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