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As those winter nights draw longer, the weather becomes more bitter, and all we want to do is settle down to some addictive gaming, for some there is no better feeling than topping your score in an intense shoot ‘em up like R-Type. In Extremis DX may also have you covered on that front.

Sitting with an overall ‘Positive’ set of reviews over on Steam, the original In Extremis is now getting its DX upgrade as it ports over to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. 

Story-wise, whilst the focus will be on dodging the bullets that will start to fill the screen, one can see the crazy and abstract levels on which you’ll be doing battle. In Extremis DX is inspired by historical mysticism, contemporary pop culture, and everything in between, hence the fact you’ll go from fighting across fields, to within space, and then against a huge fire-breathing mechanical monster.

As well as the vertical shooting that’ll take up most of your time spent playing In Extremis DX, developers QUBYTE Interactive have included some challenges and secrets to really test the most veteran of players.

If you want to truly test yourself with In Extremis DX, then look no further than the Xbox Store, where you can pick up a copy today for £4.19. That’s if you are playing on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One of course – the game is also available on PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Game Description:

In Extremis DX is a shoot’em up game that aims to bring an engaging and fun experience to the player, while also experimenting with the nature of the language of videogames. Taking inspiration from sources such as centuries-old mysticism to contemporary pop-culture, In Extremis suits itself for all kinds of players with smart level design and multiple ways of tackling challenges. Offering challenges and secrets, In Extremis tries to bridge the gap between art and fun, the underground and the mainstream, the old and the new.

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