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When Resident Evil Village released earlier in 2021, we found Capcom delivering a game that was worth every single cent. But what if you need a helping hand in ensuring that was actually the case? Well, the Resident Evil Village Extra Content Shop All Access Voucher is now available for that exact occasion.  

Previously available on PS4 and PS5, the Extra Content Shop All Access Voucher rolls out for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC players to now make the most of. And you should too, because for the low asking price of £3.99, it’ll allow you the chance to bring light to all that is hidden – in other words, giving access to the rewards found in the Extra Content Shop, without you needing to unlock them in the usual way. 

It should be noted that this latest DLC offering for Resident Evil Village follows on nicely from the two item DLC drop that we took in a couple of weeks back, but it should in no way affect anything that you have already discovered in game. 

Slightly cheaper to purchase on PC through Steam (£3.29) and having already gone down a storm with PlayStation players, should you be looking for that little helping hand in powering on through the horrors of Resident Evil Village, a purchase of this is sure to help. 

You’ll obviously need the base game to hand in order to make the most of what it delivers. 

Get over to the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store or the Steam page and nab this helpful little Resident Evil Village DLC drop right now. 

If you haven’t yet purchased and played Resident Evil Village, we highly recommend you give our full review of the game a read. It’ll give great insight into why this is a must-player.

DLC Description:

Bring to light all that is hidden in the darkness…

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