It’s a great time to be a fan of casino games or a poker player. Since lockdown, there has been an influx of attention on online casino games. There’s no doubt that the industry was going from strength to strength long before Covid-19 hit, but this is what has led to a flurry of new game development. 

Unfortunately, most of the game development has been for mobile and web browser games, though there’s a possibility that some of the web browser games may work on the Xbox web browser. Here is a round up of whether you should be using Xbox to scratch your gambling itch, or whether you should simply turn to the best online casino for mobile and PC.

Game choice

There’s no doubt that there are infinitely more options when playing casino games online through a web browser. However, this isn’t to say Xbox doesn’t have some options – and some very high-quality ones too.

Prominence Poker

Released in 2016, Prominence Poker is an online multiplayer casino game in you must hustle your way through various backroom games, compete against crooks, and build up your reputation. You start off as a tourist looking to find a way to make it big, as you begin to grind through the local casinos and become a high roller. This is one of the highest rated casino games for consoles, and it allows you to play against both real-world players and AI.

Four Kings: Video Poker

This is the most recent casino video game to be released (2021), though we must say it is somewhat of a copy from the video poker machines at The Four Kings Casino. With a very refined and simple user interface, user’s cards line up in 2D, with a couple of action buttons at the bottom.

If you have ever played The Four Kings Casino, then you have played this game – they’re identical. The Four Kings game is certainly worth a mention, and despite being older, it’s essentially the entire casino version of this poker game.

Casino Nights

Casino Nights is one of the best Xbox casino games, and arguably one of the first. Being launched in 2010, the arcade game remains on Xbox live as a free demo version – though even at full price the game is cheap. The graphics are a little basic, but there are plenty of slot games to play, along with roulette, video poker and blackjack.


When it comes to playing casino games, it turns out that an Xbox controller can get the job done. For some games it’s actually preferable because it can be quicker to hit buttons and cycle options with the analogue stick. For games with many options and a complex GUI, however, it can be easier to use a cursor – which usually means switching to a mouse. 

Furthermore, it’s evident that playing casino games on your Xbox is going to be more restrictive when it comes to where you play. It’s somewhat a stationary set-up, and this can really hinder the advantages of playing online casino games. The reason why mobile phones have become so popular for casino games is that people can take them from the lounge to the toilet and even into the bed with them. Of course, we’re not endorsing this level of addiction, but it’s certainly a big disadvantage that you cannot play Xbox casino games in the airport or train on the way home from work.

No VR for Xbox

One reason to stick with Steam for your casino adventures is simply that Xbox still doesn’t offer VR compatibility. The casino industry is quickly developing in its VR integration, and is actually an industry that is currently leading VR game development.

VR casino games offer the ability to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a casino, something that is difficult to replicate with online casino games. The bustling atmosphere of other avatars and live tables, along with an integrated chat feature for socialising. This can be particularly cathartic for those who cannot venture into land-based casinos, for reasons concerning the pandemic or otherwise, as it’s the closest we can get to the ‘real’ thing. Though, some people enjoy the virtual thing more, given that mobile playing numbers haven’t dropped off since the casinos opened back up.

Final Word

Xbox certainly has its place with enjoying casino games, but there isn’t much of a focus by Xbox game developers to make more games. The only 2021 casino game that was launched was essentially a copy & paste job from their previous 2016 game. Though, it’s worth playing some of the older titles if you’re looking for a good experience on your gaming TV as opposed to your laptop or mobile, plus Prominence Poker has an actual story mode too. You are sacrificing usability and VR when playing on Xbox, but it will be worth sticking with it if there are any new titles planning to be developed.