Today, 2K decided to reveal a few of their plans for the upcoming instalment of the WWE 2K series, WWE 2K17, with the biggest news being the removal of the Showcase mode.

Whilst a lot of the ‘details’ revealed were rather vague, we’ve picked out some of the key parts that stood out amongst it all. Due to their struggles in being able to include many of the past names associated with the contemplated Showcase ideas, 2K decided to get rid of the mode from WWE 2K17 instead of delivering a substandard offering. This makes sense because likely ideas involved the cover star Brock Lesnar and many of his previous opponents would be very tricky to procure, such as CM Punk and Kurt Angle.

The lack of a Showcase means more focus on the WWE Universe and MyCareer modes. Universe will receive a new Show Presentation system to make all the shows feel authentic to playthrough. Additional possibilities for run-ins and other attacks will ensure that what happens next is rarely predictable. 2K also had this to say about the Promo Engine –

WWE 2K17 will deliver a brand new Promo Engine that lets the WWE Superstars express their thoughts and emotions to the WWE Universe and one another.  The Promo Engine creates a new dynamic and brings the experience closer to the actual WWE than ever before.


That Promo Engine features in MyCareer too, and backstage interviews with Renee Young gain an extra dimension thanks to the ability to brawl backstage. Everything a player does can affect the Superstar’s journey; whether that’s their actions while competing, reacting to something, deciding what to say or even the chosen attire. Let’s hope we get more details on this particular mode soon.

One of the most important aspects of WWE 2K17 is, of course, the gameplay. 2K have listened to the fans and made changes accordingly – from the controls to the overall presentation. As requested, players can now take the fight into the crowds and the backstage areas if they so choose. There are also changes regarding the ladders, taunting, a new secondary submission system and thousands of new animations.

The Creation Suite within WWE 2K17 allows the fans to customise the experience in many different ways, including a few new features –

We also added a full Highlight Replay system, which allows players to record video highlights from their matches. The video content can be used in our new Create a Video feature, which lets players create videos for use in things like custom entrance Titan Tron videos for created Superstars. We also deepened the Create a Show feature and added a brand new Create a Victory feature to ensure everyone can create the most comprehensive WWE experience possible.


Well, that’s almost everything. All that’s left to tell you is that when WWE 2K17 releases on October 11th, 2016 (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3), it will have an even bigger roster than last year!

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