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Eastasiasoft are really on a roll with new titles aplenty arriving lately – like The Pillar: Puzzle Escape and Drunken Fist – and now they’re launching a humorous 3D action brawler from developers Ravegan Games. It’s going to be down to you to save the homeworld of the strange protagonists in Teratopia on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

The world of Teratopia has been invaded by aliens and so the Teratopians must fight back in order to reclaim their colourful, yet equally grotesque, environment. Unfortunately, not everyone is up to such a task, which means the chances of success rely on just three natives: Tucho the brawler, Benito the shooter, or Horacio the trickster. You can take control of whomever you wish, with each possessing their own strengths and skills.

Prepare to traverse 13 different landscapes full of invaders hell-bent on taking over these poor souls’ homeland. There are 11 tricky bosses to topple too if you plan to rescue your fellow Teratopians. As long as you can handle the platforming elements and cleverly strategize attacks though, then those hordes of red alien pests will surely meet their demise. 

Key Features:

  • Enjoy a story full of family gags and funny situations.
  • Play as 3 different avatars, each one with unique skill sets and 5 summonable units.
  • Travel around 13 colorful landscapes in a completely open-world map.
  • Challenge and defeat 11 bosses.
  • Unlock entries in the Teratopedia and customize your character with 4 different costumes.

So, if you’re up for a laugh and fancy an action-packed adventure involving some unlikely heroes, head to Teratopia. You’ll find it at the Xbox Store for £12.49 – with a discounted price of £9.99 in place for two weeks – while it’s available on the PS Store, Nintendo eShop and Steam too. Get in touch and let us know whether a trip to Teratopia is on the cards for you by leaving a comment below.

Edit: Our full review of Teratopia on Xbox is now live. It may be worth your time giving it a read.

Game Description:

Rid the land of evil invaders and rescue your friends in this colorful 3D action brawler! Join Tucho in his quest to rescue his friends and liberate the colorfully grotesque lands of Teratopia! Traverse 13 unique zones packed with enemies bent on overtaking your homeland. But fear not! The power of friendship arms you with fellow Teratopians and a diverse set of skills to face a family of red invaders. Immerse yourself in an adventure full of action, and strategize on-the-go to better overcome your foes! Play as either Tucho the brawler, Benito the shooter, or Horacio the trickster, each with their own strengths and skills.

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