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Feardemic know a thing or two about how to create a hellish gaming experience. After all, it was they who were behind the launch of the stylized retro horror The Padre back in 2019. Today though they are providing something slightly different – a slaughterhouse of an experience with the launch of Ritual: Crown of Horns. 

Available to purchase and download now on Xbox One, Ritual: Crown of Horns is a fast paced action title that throws us into a demonic version of the Wild West. Covering a narrative that focuses on a strange partnership of a bounty hunter and his witch friend, Ritual will see you attempting to push back hordes of enemies by utilising the two skills of the deadly duo.

With multiple weapon options to hand, along with a decent smattering of magical spells, working through Crown of Horns will see you needing to make the most of your gaming skills; success dictated by split-second decisions and a ton of planning. This is certainly not a game that is just about button mashing, with carefully curated strategic calls winning over the day.

Ritual: Crown of Horns will set you back £16.74 from the Xbox Store, and should you be in the market for a good old fashioned fast-paced arcade-action title then it certainly looks to cover all bases. Only our upcoming full review will be able to confirm whether or not that is actually the case, yet with Feardemic behind matters, hopes are indeed high.

Game Description:

Ritual: Crown of Horns is a slaughterhouse: a fast-paced action game set in an alternate Wild West, a demonic version of a hellish frontier. This arcade-inspired title unravels a tale about an unlikely duo: a bounty hunter who comes back from beyond the grave, yearning to exact revenge on his killers and a witch who aids him with a series of powerful rituals to further her own agenda. Push back hordes of enemies, while the witch performs her ritual. Use a whole arsenal to your advantage: mindfully swapping between weapons and spells. Unlock new tools and powerful items boosting your character. Travel throughout the Weird West picking your missions and planning future unlocks to finally exact your revenge! Ritual: Crown of Horns is a skill based game, where split-second decisions and planning on the go are more powerful than button mashing and throwing yourself mindlessly at enemies.

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