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It’s coming up to two years since Ghostrunner first started slashing things up on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, and a year or so since the new-gen optimised version continued to fight like _Hel on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Now though the Complete Edition is here – and if you’ve yet to get slaying in utter style, this is the time to get started. 

Available to purchase and download right now, the Ghostrunner: Complete Edition pack works as the ultimate Ghostrunner experience, one that not just delivers the finest base game to the masses, but adds in the various expansions too. 

What this means is that for £34.99, Ghostrunner: Complete Edition will give players the chance to head into the cyberpunk city as they once again attempt to climb the Dharma Tower, all in hope of actioning revenge on the Keymaster who is running things. 

It’s a gritty, neon-lit affair, one that will deliver the fastest of combat, plenty of unique powers and the chance for you to learn from what you have done wrong, all in order to find success. You could say you’ll need to fight like _Hel. 

But what exactly does the Ghostrunner: Complete Edition bring? Well, that base game is in the house (because you’ll struggle to do anything without that), but this also includes the Project _Hel expansion, alongside those of Neon, Winter, Halloween and the Metal Ox cosmetic packs. 

ghostrunner complete edition

There’s a ton of content here, with key game features continuing to sit as follows:

  • FIGHT LIKE _HEL – In Ghostrunner – Project_Hel you take on the role of Hel, one of the bosses from Ghostrunner’s campaign. Battle through new levels, fight powerful new bosses and experience a new story where you fight your way through Dharma Tower, crushing the Climber’s Rebellion.
  • ADAPT, OVERCOME, KILL – Your enemies are brutal – one shot and you’re dead. Learn from your mistakes, adapt to your surroundings, master your powers, and become the ultimate killing machine. Experience the challenging thrill of Ghostrunner’s fast, fluid, and frenetic gameplay as you carve your path through Dharma Tower.
  • ORIGINAL SYNTHWAVE SOUNDTRACK – Ghostrunner features a completely original Synthwave soundtrack composed by the world-renowned Daniel Deluxe. Dark heavy beats, fast paced tempos and ambient futuristic tones perfectly complement Ghostrunner’s rewarding push-forward combat and gritty cyberpunk setting.
  • CYBERPUNK PLAYGROUND – Set in a post-apocalyptic future, battle through the gritty alleyways, dark monolithic structures, and bright neon lights of Dharma Tower – the final haven for human life set in a desolate world. Slay your way through the detailed futuristic city as you wage a one-man war against an army of cybernetically enhanced enemies.
  • SLAY IN STYLE – Ghostrunner: Complete Edition includes access to 15 unique sword and glove sets from the Neon, Winter, Halloween and Metal OX packs.

Should you not yet have found the opportunity to get hands on with Ghostrunner, then Ghostrunner: Complete Edition is the step you need to take. Even if you have played it previously, it’s still going to be extremely tempting. 

You’ll find Ghostrunner: Complete Edition available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (the Xbox Store is here for you), PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam, Epic and GOG.

Let us know what you decide to do. 

Game Description:

Ghostrunner: Complete Edition is the ultimate Ghostrunner experience and includes the critically acclaimed Ghostrunner, Project _Hel expansion as well as the Neon, Winter, Halloween, and Metal OX cosmetic packs. Become an unmatched killing machine in Ghostrunner, a challenging but rewarding first-person action game set in a gritty neon-lit cyberpunk city. With visceral push-forward combat, fast-paced mobility, and unique powers, you must learn from your mistakes, adapt to your surroundings and be merciless as you climb the floors of Dharma Tower to take your revenge on the Keymaster. Welcome to the future. It’s gonna kill you.

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