It’s fast getting a name for itself as the latest game to continually deliver new content packs on a regular basis, but once more we are seeing new Warriors Orochi 4 content additions turn up – and when you put them all together, they really aren’t all that cheap!

After seeing the base game release in mid-October, the Warriors Orochi 4 DLC train just keeps on chugging away with another batch of DLC packs available for purchase. Now that in itself wouldn’t be so bad but the fact that they come hot on the heels of 4 packs just one week ago will most definitely set alarms bells ringing in the heads of many players. I mean, new DLC is great and all that, and paid content is fine, but at the rate this is coming at? That’s up for debate.

So what do we have this week? Well, at £0.79 each (unless stated), on the face of it they seem cheap enough, but when you drop everything together, once more those costs start spiralling out of control. But the content itself is all to do with the Legendary Weapons gear that you can purchase and utilise, with all of the following bringing something slightly different to the already overflowing table…

  • Legendary Weapons Samurai Warriors Pack 4
  • Legendary Weapons Pack – £11.99
  • Legendary Mounts Pack – £3.99
  • Legendary Weapons Samurai Warriors Pack 2
  • Legendary Weapon Wei Pack 1
  • Legendary Weapons OROCHI Pack 1
  • Legendary Weapons Samurai Warriors Pack 5
  • Legendary Weapons OROCHI Pack 3
  • Legendary Weapons Wu Pack 2
  • Legendary Weapons Shu Pack 1
  • Legendary Weapons Shu Pack 2
  • Legendary Weapons Others Pack
  • Legendary Weapons Samurai Warriors Pack 1
  • Legendary Weapons Wu Pack 1
  • Legendary Weapons Wei Pack 2
  • Legendary Weapons Jin Pack
  • Legendary Weapons Samurai Warriors Pack 3
  • Legendary Weapons OROCHI Pack 2

It’s all well and good wielding the power of the gods, but at some point in time you just have to say enough is enough and be content with what you’ve got. Even just a few weeks after release, we’re fast getting to that point with the content drops for Warriors Orochi 4. Should you not agree though and prefer to run with the train of thought that any content is good content, no matter how much it costs and with little worry about the release regularity, then the Xbox Store will happily sort you out with a download.

Same time next week anyone?

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