The world of Portal Knights is a fun one, and today that fun and enjoyment increases with a number of new content packs arriving… some of which are free.

If you’ve ever found yourself wandering the 3D sandbox world of Portal Knights then you’ll know that it’s an action RPG like no other. With tons of randomly generated worlds to explore, the chance to level up your character and create some rather awesome weapons, it is a colourful affair that is difficult to ignore.

When you find a whole load of new DLC packs arriving too, some of which come with a zero price tag attached, then it makes it even trickier to keep away. In fact, should you have ever delved into the world of Portal Knights, then the freebies on offer should be nabbed straight away. Whether you go to town and spend a bit of cash on the other packs is entirely your call, but the prices most certainly make them tempting.

So what is available? Well, the Xbox Store now has listings for the following… all of which pretty much contain what it says on the tin:

  • Box of Grumpy Rings – £2.39
  • Gold Throne Pack – £3.19
  • Emerald Throne Pack – £3.19
  • Portal Pioneer Pack – £2.39
  • Box of Fantastic Headwear – Free
  • Forest Animals Pack – Free
  • Box of Joyful Rings – £2.39

If you think of yourself as a budding Portal Knight and wish to see some of these packs added to your game, then hop over to the Xbox Store right now. Should you want to know more about the game then our review will see you straight.

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