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The sliding puzzle is a staple of the indie gaming scene, with barely a week going by without us slipping up, down, left and right through a square grid. We’re getting rather good at it. 

But precious few of those puzzlers stick enemies in your way. Tricky Thief from Eastasiasoft and YeTa Games has taken the creaky sliding puzzle and stirred in some stealth elements, as you not only need to find an exit, but you have to do it without getting clubbed round the head with a truncheon. 

You play a slippery burglar who has the double-edged sword of being supremely fast, but can only travel in the cardinal directions. We’re not sure that made him the ideal candidate for a life of crime, if we’re being honest. Anyway, he’s heisting various treasures, and needs to make a getaway, which means sliding past the patrol routes and lines-of-sight of various cameras, security guards, police and turrets. Think Baby Driver, but on rollerskates.

The police should probably not be surprised that thieves are about, as coins are just strewn on the floor. For the real big scores, you will need to pick up these coins and scarper through the exit. You can also sharpen your abilities by improving your times, as Tricky Thief rewards the most nimble of perps. 

It’s a simple but immediately graspable premise, and the characters are appropriately goofy and colourful. We’re up for sliding into its novel take on thievery. The fact that it will likely shower us with 1000G of achievements has nothing to do with it. 

The key features of Tricky Thief on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC include:

  • Experience a tricky twist on tile-based sliding puzzles!
  • Collect coins while avoiding security guards.
  • Dash in straight lines while sticking to walls and staying out of sight!
  • Enjoy charming top-down 3D graphics and cute characters.
  • Replay cleared stages any time to improve your skills as a master thief!

Tricky Thief is in the process of getting a review from us. For now, head to the Xbox Store and pick up an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S version of the game for £4.19 (£3.35 for the launch period). It’s also on Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation.  

Game Description:

Grab the goods and stay out of sight as you stealthily slide from wall to wall! Get ready for a stealthy spin on tile-based sliding puzzles as you navigate the brainteasing chambers of Tricky Thief! Take the role of a slippery burglar as you hug the walls of each room and collect coins while outwitting the patrolling guards across dozens of top-down single-screen stages presented in charmingly minimalistic 3D style. Can you figure out the most efficient way to tackle each situation to become a master thief?

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