Many modern casinos like SCR888 offer slots with bonus games. These bonus games are minigames that trigger while you’re playing certain online slots. Minigames keep you engaged and improve your chances of winning. 

You can trigger slot minigames by hitting various symbols, usually three scatter symbols or at least a pair of other symbols. Some bonus games can also be triggered randomly. Read on to learn more about slot bonus games. 

Why Choose Slots with Minigames?

Slot machines with bonus games are an excellent way for enthusiastic slot players to improve their chances of winning cash and bet multipliers. They also improve your chance of being able to access the unlockable features of the slot game. 

Slots with minigames offer everything you need to enjoy an immersive slot game experience. You can play the slot minigames wherever and whenever you want, using any device. 

How to Trigger a Slot Minigame

We’ve seen that you can activate slot bonus games by hitting a variety of scatter symbols. Besides activating the slot minigames, these symbols often pay well when they land on the reels. 

At least three scatter symbols must usually land, either in sequence or just anywhere on the reels. The more bonus symbols that land, the more the rewards you’ll receive. 

Best Slots with Minigames

These slots boast some of the best bonus games:

Pink Panther

If you’re looking to play the best slots with minigames, you can’t go wrong with Pink Panther. It offers five exciting minigames with two progressive mystery jackpots. You can trigger these minigames randomly. 

The minigames are:

  • Crack the Pink Code
  • Little Man in the Color Pink
  • Wheel of Pink Bonus
  • Pink Trail
  • Jackpot Adventure

Buster Ghost

Buster Ghost mobile slot game comes loaded with three thrilling minigames. Possession Session is perhaps the best of them all. This minigame involves entering a room filled with bewitched stuff and trying to find the bonuses without upsetting any supernatural forces. 

You can potentially win five multipliers if you manage to avoid the ghosts. The other two minigames in Buster Ghost are Scare Stairs and Psychic Shock Shack. 

Family Guy

The Family Guy slot comes fully loaded with exciting bonus games, including the Drunken Clam and the Chicken Fight. Activate the World Bonus, and you’ll spin the globe to find out which bonus game you’ve won. The numerous and unique bonus games makes Family Guy a thrilling slot game to play. 

Chest of Plenty 

The best part of this good old pirate-themed slot machine is when you use a treasure map to hunt down the treasure to win up to 2,000x your stake. Another bonus game allows you to match gems to win various prizes. 

It’s worth noting that some slots don’t have any minigames because they offer a higher chance of winning without bonuses. Bonus games increase your engagement and your chances of hitting the jackpot. 

Whatever the theme of the slot machine you choose to play, consider choosing a slot game with bonus minigames to maximize your gameplay and improve your chance of winning.