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Ever wanted to nail those rock riffs made famous by the one and only John Mellencamp? The latest Rocksmith Song Pack to arrive on Xbox and PlayStation allows that opportunity. 

Following on from a move into 2020 that has seen the Rocksmith gods deliver new country tunes via the Chris Stapleton Song Pack, it’s time to now wander into the all-American heartland with some of the most famous tunes from a proper rock ‘n’ roll hall of famer – John Mellencamp.

Priced up at £6.69 for a trio of Mellencamp hits, the Rocksmith John Mellencamp Song Pack provides access to new tunes for both Xbox and PlayStation rockers, with the following included…

  • Pink Houses
  • Small Town
  • Jack & Diane

If you’re learning the way of the guitar and agree with our review of Rocksmith on Xbox One that this is the very best learning tool available – and most certainly the fastest way to learn guitar – then ensuring that these rock classics are added to your library of tunes should be actioned at the very earliest opportunity. With each available in the full John Mellencamp, or available to purchase individually for just £2.49 each, there really is next to no reason why your song library shouldn’t be bursting at the seams.

To get access to any of the above tunes, the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store will sort you out. All you’ll need to do is ensure you have a copy of Rocksmith 2014 Edition or Rocksmith Remastered to hand, before heading on over and grabbing the content you require.

Of course, should these not be to your liking, then there is a whole back catalogue of tunes in place, with years worth of content available for your pleasure.

Whatever you decide to pick up, the comments section is down below. We’d love you to use it!

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