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The holiday season is approaching and with that will be the arrival of the next generation of console, with Xbox Series X|S and PS5 leading the charge. snakebyte are looking to capitalise on that with the drop of numerous gaming accessories that will be compatible with Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles. But they are also throwing in a new gaming chair for good measure. 

The new snakebyte GAMING:CHAIR EVO promises to be the ideal option for your gaming cave, ensuring that you’ll discover maximum comfort no matter how long your sessions. Running with three new designs that will ensure optimal seating position, the GAMING:CHAIR EVO will come with extra wide wings on the side to support the shoulders, a special lower back cushion and a ton of movement in the back rest adjustment. 

The GAMING:CHAIR EVO will provide seating space for anyone up to 139kg, with a seat surface of 50x50cm and a rocking function that twists 20 degrees. Certified to BIFMA standards for both security and sustainability, and complete with a 24 month warranty, if you’re looking for a new gaming chair, snakebyte have you covered. 

And the choice of three different designs – each of which rock a high-quality vegan leather – will see you being able to kit your room out in either blue, green or sleek black versions; the latter of which comes with contrasting white seams. 

That’s not all snakebyte are here for though, and they are throwing out accessories galore in the build up to the launch of Xbox Series X|S and PS5. 

In terms of the Xbox stuff – and that’s what we are most interested in for obviously reasons – and there will be a new TWIN:CHARGE SX double charging cradle with additional 800 mAh batteries in place. Designed to complement Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, this comes in either black or white and will ensure you have two controllers always ready for action. 

Alongside that and the BATTERY:KIT SX comes in similar colourways, with a USB-C Y-cable and two 800 mAh batteries guaranteeing a gaming time of up to four hours, before being charged with the cable. 

Further comes a HEAD:SET X (yep, we really dig the naming snakebyte are running and our review of the HEAD:SET X PRO is here). This will come complete with 40mm drivers, a removable mic and an elegant black and green design. A wired headset, it’ll attach to any controller with hosts a 3.5mm jack, whilst comfortable ear pads will ensure you can wear it for a decent length of time. 

But that’s not all and still snakebyte have got more Xbox products lined up and whilst cables aren’t the most sexy of products, they come in super handy. Included in this line-up will be the 2m long CHARGE&DATA:CABLE SX which can be used not just for charging your controllers, but also capable of handling data exchange and transfer of games and DLC packs from external HDDs to the console’s internal SSD with up to 10 Gbps. There’s also a longer 3m in length CHARGE:CABLE SX and even lengthier 5m CHARGE:CABLE SX PRO for those who need power but also need to sit back from their screen. 

Finally in terms of Xbox products and we have a 2m long HDMI 2.1 cable, the HDMI:CABLE SX PRO 4K/8K. Again coming in black and green this provides 8K transmission at 120 hz and comes with low latency through ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), improves the frame rate through VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and optimized data transmission through FRL. The cable is compatible with 1080p / 3D / 4K / 8K UHD devices and has black anodized connectors. Gamers who want to use the full power spectrum of the NextGen console cannot get around this cable, no matter if a 4K or 8K TV is used! For users who don’t care about the 8K compatibility and the features of the HDMI:CABLE SX PRO, there is the HDMI 2.0 cable HDMI:CABLE SXTM 4K in 3m length, compatible with 1080p/3D/4K UHD devices. 

Just for completion’s sake, if you’re going to be a PS5 player, snakebyte will cover you with their TWIN:CHARGE 5, GAMES:TOWER 5, HEAD:SET 5, and similar cables to the Xbox branded versions. And then those on Nintendo Switch will be able to grab the DUAL CHARGE:BASE S and ARROW:CHARGE S too. 

So, snakebyte have got you covered in the lead up to the next generation of gaming and beyond. But which of the new products are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments below. 

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