There’s been a real push on the accessories front from snakebyte this year, with them previously having detailed the Charge:Towers and Gaming:Seat. Now though they are bringing a couple of new headsets to the game.

The Head:Set 4TM and Head:Set XTM, are two brand new headsets for Xbox One and PS4, delivering crystal clear audio for all gamers.

Shipping across Europe from round about now, these offer plug and play gaming with little connection issues to worry gamers, and no batteries or transmitters needed to be installed. Coming in at incredibly affordable prices, the Head:Set 4 (PlayStation) and Head:Set X (Xbox) promise to perform at a level far beyond that of a typical budget headset.

Each comes with high-power 40mm Neodymium drivers that deliver richly detailed audio, allowing you to pin-point movements of enemies and team mates when playing online, while the removable boom mic is fully flexible and extremely accurate, essential when discussing strategy with team mates in battle.

Further to this, the highly padded earcups have been designed to isolate background noise and provide a luxuriously comfortable design, whilst the extra-long 1.2 metre cable features an in-line volume control, giving option to adjust audio levels without reaching for the remote!

Mike Steup, CEO for snakebyte commented, “Thanks to the continued popularity of games like Fortnite and PUBG, a quality gaming headset is at the top of every true gamers’ wish list. When looking at the category, it became clear that there was an opportunity for us to provide a headset that was affordable to all gamers but offered a level of quality that would surely impress. In high speed ‘Battle Royale’ games, it’s imperative that you can communicate clearly with other players and accurately track enemy movements. We think that the new Head:Set 4 and Head:Set X fit the bill perfectly and will become very popular products in our range.”

You will be able to get both the snakebyte Head:Set 4 and Head:Set X from leading retailers this July.

Will you be picking a pair up?


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