Are you ready to head back to World War 2 Germany? Well, that’s exactly where we’ll be going with the third and final part of Deathstorm.

The final chapter of Sniper Elite 4’s mini campaign will hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC players come July 18th 2017. And it is that same day in which we’ll see a massive update take hold, bringing new maps, difficulty modes and more.

The Deathstorm finale is the main draw of today’s news though and Obliteration will take us back to World War 2 Germany for the first time since Sniper Elite V2 way back in 2012.

It’ll be the Bavarian town of Steigerloch, in the heartland of Germany to be precise and this is where the abominable nuclear project known as Deathstorm is being researched. A heavily guarded underground complex is rumoured to lie hidden beneath the sleepy town’s hilltop church, with suspicious vehicle activity suggesting the Nazis are planning something big – and soon. Guess what that means? Yep, you’ll get to jump into the shoes of Elite agent Karl Fairburne once more, before drawing on all his skills to neutralize the facility and bring Deathstorm down, once and for all.

As an added bonus, if you purchase the final part of the campaign add-on, you will also unlock six new Axis characters to use in multiplayer.

But that’s not all, as 18th July will also bring us further extras.

An authentic Plus difficulty mode – including achievements – will be in place, the Elite ranks will rise from a cap of 50 to 250, and the Lock and Load weapons pack will bring you new weapons – the firepower of the SVT, M30 Drilling and Mauser M712 rifles in fact.

And to go with these new weapons and additions will be the new “Facility” map for Survival mode and the new “Bunker” map for competitive multiplayer, whilst you’ll also get the chance to choose your rifle’s scope!

We will of course remind you when the 18th July arrives, but for now, hit up that trailer below.


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