It’s been out the door several weeks now, but there’s no denying Sniper Elite 4 has proven to be a success. As for its competition, well it seems the same can’t be said – at least for now. 

CI Games, creators of both the Sniper Ghost Warrior series and Lords of the Fallen have announced further delays that will push the highly anticipated open-world sniping shooter back three weeks to April 25th, 2017.

Whilst there won’t be too many that will be happy to hear of or find appreciation in another delay, Marek Tyminski, CEO of CI Games has confirmed this will be the final delay for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and feels that everyone will benefit from a better experience on launch day due to the final changes they will be able to make.

The changes made over the next few weeks will be based on feedback given to the team during the beta of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 that select players took part in, and whilst some will curse the arrival of what is surely set to be another day one patch, it’s certainly good to see such attention being given to any issues before launch, rather than releasing in a state we’ve seen many other games in the past – Homefront, Halo. I’m looking at you.

Not up to speed with CI Games upcoming title? – Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 puts players in the shoes of an American Sniper named Jonathan North, and drops you into enemy territory just outside of Russian borders into Georgia. Through Jonathan’s eyes players will follow a story of brotherhood, faith and betrayal in what is said to be the most complete sniper experience yet. With large open maps, a wide selection of gadgets and varying weather effects to aid or hamper your effectiveness, there will certainly be plenty to keep players occupied.

Those looking to pickup Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 when it arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC this April 25th, should check out our Sniping Tactics article for a complete guide on how to make the most of your experience in the field.

So, what do you think of the further delay? Is it a good thing or is this too much for the highly anticipated Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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  1. I think it’s just too much. I am waiting for this game sooo bad and I really liked the open beta tests that were held on PC, so it comes as a surprise to me

    • I did like the beta tests as well but you can’t say that the game is finished. It still neds some polish and apparently devs need a little more time. As @neil363:disqus said. It’s better to play it 3 weeks later than play it on 4th April with bugs

      • Sure if they make thae game perfect by 25th April I’ll be glad to wait. Tell me what are some of the bugs that you have seen during open beta tests?

        • I don’t believe in bugless game, but hopefully, that they fix all optimisation issues from beta. In fact the worst for me was problem with a frame drop when you changing shooting mode, zoom in/out.

        • As I said in my comment above there were two issues I noticed. First and foremost it was optimization. The other problem I saw was with some in game animations

  2. So glad I went for Sniper Elite 4 instead. I’ll keep an eye on the reviews for this though….when it eventually gets released 😛

    • Good to here that SE is cool. I am going to play SGW 3 when it’s released and I might buy SE on a sale or something later on

  3. I’m loving Sniper Elite 4 but still have high hopes for this one too. Would much prefer a delay instead of a half arsed release, but that original release day of last year looks further and further away.

  4. After seeing SE4 and read all opitnions. Okay, many opinions about that game im glad, that CI Games decides to delay premiere just to fix some bugs or say goodbye to technical issues that was founded durning open beta.

    • I think that the main issue was optimization. Did you play beta tests? What were some other things you think need ato be fixed before the release?

      • Sometimes i saw graphical issues in changing daytime or day fading into night. But mostly i’ve no problems with SGW3 Beta. Did you noticed some bugs or porblems that should be fixed?

        • Oh man I didn’t see that. I think that I was to excited with the beta to notice it. The only other issue I saw was the climbing animation. It looked a bit odd if you ask me but that’s not a big deal

          • CI Games announced, that game gone gold so probably all issues were fixed. Many of them was resolved few day after open beta event.

  5. This year many eyes is watching battle between SE4 and SGW3. And after lecture of opinions about SE4 im more interested in SGW3…like most of people.

    • And I’m no surprised ! SE4 looks good, true, but after few hour I was just…bored. SGW3 is much more interesting, mainly due to three different styles of gaming

        • Well I was a little disappointed with SE4. I know the game is good, but it’s hardly something new. It looks like previous parts with better graphics, that’s all.

  6. Well, as for me, if this delay is necessary to implement few changes, fixing bugs and is caused due to fan feedback after beta, then I’ll have no problem with waiting for these 3 weeks

    • 3 weeks is nothing special. I’m waiting for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 since beginning of 2016, so I can wait 3 extra weeks.

      • Agree, but I have already preordered this game, after openbeta, so It’s just a little hard to wait, when you are sure that this will be simply awesome game 😉

  7. Sure I’d rather play the game sooner than later but I guess that they still have to fix some issues. I loved the new ‘brothers’ trailer and a couple of new gameplays on gamespot. Has anyone of you seen them?


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