sniper ghost warrior contracts xbox one

Ready, aim, fire! Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and today CI Games have not just revealed the release date, but have dropped a shot with a brand new trailer.

November 22nd 2019 is the date you should be putting in your diaries as that is when CI Games will globally launch Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Representing a return to the sniping form which ensured the series was loved by many, the latest Sniper Ghost Warrior iteration will allow for some best-in-class sniping and the opportunity for players to feel empowered with more ways to take down their targets than ever before. And that vibe – along with the reveal of a brand new region and a wealth of new tactical tools – can be seen in the latest trailer!

Back in June we had a little tease of the new game, and while this reveal introduced the wilderness of Siberia the latest trailer takes place in a harbor that’s sure to be a sniper’s delight. ‘Black Gold’ is the second of five unique regions present in Contracts with each based on actual locations found deep in the heart of Siberia. Black Gold promises to be the perfect locale to test out the new sniping mechanic – the Dynamic Reticle System – which enables the chance for would-be snipers to better manage the ballistics and atmospheric conditions of their every shot.

And while Contracts is certainly taking the realistic approach to combat with a huge focus on sniping, stealth, and tactical thinking, the Dynamic Reticle System isn’t the only new tool available. See, from Scout Drones and integrated binoculars with a built-in recon system, to the brilliant Augmented Reality Mask and special bullet types, you cna be sure that your time with Contracts will be one full of arsenal choices.

But it is the core of the gameplay which is the most exciting and this is played out via the brand new contracts system. Working by providing each region with tasks, you’ll need to execute key targets in order to progress to new regions. Expect to find a total of 25 main contracts making up the core campaign narrative, with each region acting as a sniping sandbox, full to the brim with side-objectives to complete and numerous tasks to uncover. No two deployments play out the same either and so this will strongly encourage multiple attempts – if only to earn funds in order to upgrade gear in between contracts.

Throw in a deep single-player campaign, a range of multiplayer options, and more and it’s easy to see how Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts will be a hugely anticipated sniping experience. So wipe down that scope and throw on a jacket, the harsh Siberian wilderness is set to challenge even the most seasoned on sniper.


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