SnowRunner season 3 xbox

Should the recent inclusion of mods in SnowRunner not be enough to satisfy your off-road driving appetite, rest assured the experience is set to expand soon. Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have unveiled that the arrival of Season 3: Locate & Deliver isn’t too far away. This next downloadable content brings with it a duo of maps within a new region, three additional vehicles and skins, and more. There’s also a free update planned to accompany the paid stuff, which is always a nice bonus.

SnowRunner Season 3 marks the return of logging – a real favourite amongst the community – albeit in the brand new region of Wisconsin, USA. Prepare to gear up in the new vehicles as you head out to explore the heavily forested, near-flooded zones with massive rivers and treacherous terrain almost everywhere you look. A massive amount of new gameplay is expected to be present, looking to take you back to the log-filled roots of the SnowRunner franchise. Meanwhile, you’ll also have the opportunity to rehabilitate a broken-down railway as part of ongoing efforts within the new region.

Obviously, the Season 3: Locate & Deliver DLC will cost money as either a standalone piece or bundled within the SnowRunner Season Pass, priced at £19.99. But if cash is a little short, then the free update arriving at the same time on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, can keep you busy instead. It’ll introduce new trials, cargo and missions, as well as various cosmetic upgrades to play about with. You can’t complain at freebies, can you?

Despite the exact release date is yet to be confirmed, SnowRunner Season 3: Locate & Deliver’s arrival is seemingly just around the corner. So keep your eyes peeled as we’ll let you know once it’s available for purchase and then you can go logging till your heart’s content.

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