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Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have recently bolstered the SnowRunner experience through paid DLC in the form of Season 2: Explore & Expand, but now the off-roading simulation is about to get wilder. That’s because mods are finally available for SnowRunner on Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

You read that correctly, those of you playing on console can experience the diverse and quality content brought about by mods. There’s already a selection of over 30 mods to get you started and you can look forward to a steady flow of new mods as Saber works with modders to keep them coming from the huge amount that can be found on the PC version of SnowRunner. These mods range from vehicles and maps, to small tweaks, a drivable moustachioed octopus and other things. 

Since launch, SnowRunner’s huge sandbox environments and physics-based driving gameplay has seen talented and passionate modders flourish with their creations. With over 5 million mods downloaded to-date, the success of SnowRunner is indebted to the endless creativity of the modding community. And, of course, the modding platform, with whom Saber and Focus Home partnered up with from the outset.

From now onwards, console players with a registered account will find a brand new in-game mod browser, which will make it easy to explore the full library of mods and enable them with just the press of a button – it’s that simple. With mods being a massively requested feature by the community, their arrival is sure to be the beginning of an exciting future for SnowRunner on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

Exciting times are ahead as tons more mods are on their way for your gaming pleasure. Be sure to leave a comment below with your thoughts in regards to this latest addition to SnowRunner.

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2 years ago

Can you add more vehicles like more trucks SUVs vans muscle cars sports cars like an off-road you wanna train off-road machine to for console pls??

2 years ago

Add more modssss pleaseee