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Want to pick up a tan as well as the biggest catch? The Lago del mundo DLC for Fishing Sim World allows for just that.

Becoming available as a content download pack for Fishing Sim World on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, the Lago del mundo pack sends you off to the sunny climes of Southern Spain, allowing the chance to kick back in the sun drenched lands of Andalucia.

Known worldwide for being a hot fishing destination – in more ways then one – Lago del mundo has more than 1000 acres of fishing options available. Whilst this is considerably less than the last DLC pack that hit Fishing Sim World (the huge expanse of Lake Dylan), it will still be more than enough for many would-be anglers to enjoy.

Whether you wish to cast out from the variety of locations around the lake, or prefer to hop aboard a new rigid inflatable boat to spend time on the waves, then the Lago del muncho delivers, with monster catfish up to 200lbs in place, whilst carp will regularly top the scales at over 70lb.

You’ll obviously need the base Fishing Sim World game to hand prior to purchasing the Lago del mundo content, but chances are that anyone interested in taking a trip to sunny Spain in order to drop a rod or two, will already be sorted on that front.

If you haven’t yet played the best fishing experience available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC and wish to know more about it, then you should be found checking out our full review of the game. And if you like what you are seeing and are tempted in to a purchase, then remember there are a whole ton of extra lakes and fishing opportunities available too.

DLC Description:

Set in the hot, sun drenched region of Andalucia in Southern Spain, Lago del mundo (Lake of the World) has built up a reputation as a serious fishing destination! This 1000+ acre venue is the first lake to offer fishing from static locations (pegs) around the lake as well as the ability to take to the water in a brand-new rigid inflatable boat from Haichou. Fishing from pegs around the lake offers you the chance to fish for monster catfish that have grown to 200lbs in this rich environment and carp to over 70lb. Launching the RIB will enable you to explore the vast environment and spin for largemouth (black) bass, pike, zander and perch. Lago del mundo offers you the variety of fishing styles and species, plus the size of fish that anglers can normally only dream of!

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