Sixty Words by POWGI Xbox

There is another word game on Xbox from the creative couple at Lightwood Games. This time around it is a much requested – and at the same time expanded – port to Xbox. Fifty Words is one thing, but can you find Sixty Words by POWGI, out today on Xbox?

Sixty Words by POWGI is not your typical wordsearch though; there are no borders and every letter included is used at least once. The result is a much less challenging – in theory at least – game than previous POWGI. Those still looking for a challenge should play Crypto by POWGI or Roundout by POWGI.

No, this wordsearch is more interested in creating colourful pieces of art when you are finished. Find a word and you will highlight it in a bright colour. Complete the wordsearch and you have these vibrant and unique looking word-scapes. Certain levels that are already colour themed in the words you need to find will automatically give you a palette of different shades of the same colour.

These puzzles do take slightly longer than your standard POWGI challenges, but they are designed to not be rushed. At least, not too much, there is still an achievement for completing a puzzle within five minutes. But, as achievement hunters will know, that is the other appeal to these POWGI games: easy Gamerscore. And Sixty Words by POWGI is no exception.

On the Xbox Store right now, Sixty Words by POWGI costs £6.99. There are 60 words in each of the 60 puzzles, so that’s 3600 words, with each word costing £0.0019ish. When you put it that way, it’s a bit of a bargain. Our review will let you know if it is another POWGI classic soon.

Game description

POWGI’s unique word search puzzle returns – and now it’s even bigger! There’s no grid, no word list and no wrong letters – just 60 intertwined words for you to paint while you create blended colour art.

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