Let’s start with an interesting fact: Did you know that during 2020 the video game industry generated more income than cinema or sports? The interactive entertainment market is obtaining unstoppable growth and, by 2021, some trends in gaming are already being known that will be decisive for the future of this important industry. For example, esports sites such as esportbetting.net experienced a significant increase in visitors in the second 6 months of last year.

What do you think will be the gaming trends in 2021? With the launch of the new generation of consoles, an immense range of possibilities opens up for both developers and gamers. And you, are you Team Xbox or Team PlayStation? 

Xbox Series X vs. Playstation 5

The new generation of consoles is a reality. In November 2020, Microsoft and Sony showed their ace up their sleeves and dazzled the world by launching their new machines. Although to date both consoles do not have a wide catalog of exclusive titles, one of the gaming trends in 2021 is focused on how these companies will respond to the needs of the public and how their new releases will attract new players globally. 

Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are on everyone’s radar. They are the center of attention by the industry and the specialized press. The two companies live a constant game of strategy, where one will analyze the movements of the other to keep up.

What is the future of PlayStation 5?

One of Sony’s main goals that will be a trend in gaming for 2021 is the manufacture of more PlayStation 5 units, due to the fact that the console sold out in just one week. How many units of PlayStation 5 do you think have been sold since its launch? The incredible sum of 4.5 million consoles, according to data from The Verge.

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What is the future of Xbox Series X?

It’s time to talk about Xbox Series X. What will be the gaming trends in 2021 for Microsoft?

The figures of this new console were not as devastating as those of PlayStation 5, reaching an approximate of 2.4 million consoles sold in the world. Despite this, it is not wise to judge the quality of a console by its numbers, but rather by what it is and what it offers.

Currently, Xbox is working on a lot of titles that it has announced in advance and that will undoubtedly be a trend in gaming during 2021. Releases such as Halo Infinite, Stay of Decay 3, the remake of the beloved Fable or the new Forza Motorsport, are some of the many announcements that Microsoft is developing.

On the other hand, if something characterizes Xbox and makes it something unmatched in the video game industry, it is the service offered by its Xbox Game Pass. In colloquial terms, Xbox Game Pass is considered the Netflix of video games. It works as a monthly subscription service where players have access to more than 100 games available as a catalog.

Of course, this service will continue to be one of the gaming trends in 2021 that will keep Microsoft users more than satisfied. In fact, some players have said to go from PlayStation to Xbox solely for this service.

And what about Nintendo?

Nintendo has nothing to worry about. The Nintendo Switch is at its best and the company is increasingly looking for new ways to entertain its audience. Since its launch in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has sold almost 80 million units globally, according to the latest report from the Japanese company. By the way, do you already know the evolution of Mario Bros?

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The most recent direct from Nintendo announced different projects for the company during 2021, among the most important is the announcement of Splatoon 3 and the remake of the classic The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Undoubtedly, these launches will be part of the gaming trends in 2021 that will win the affection of the players.