song of horror

Song of Horror has been found wowing the PC crowd since launch back over the Halloween period, and the acclaim has been so great that the teams at Raiser Games and Protocol Games can hold it back from the console scene no longer, today announcing the release window for the survival horror experience on Xbox One and PS4.

Just as the game gears up to release the third chapter on Steam (Friday 13th is the launch date for that if you’re interested), the announcement arrives that Song of Horror will break out from the PC shackles to hit Xbox One and PS4 in Q2 2020.

Having been compared to the classics – Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil and Silent Hill – the news that console gamers will be able to enjoy the entire Song of Horror experience is a great one, giving us the chance to take in the tale of the famed but now elusive writer Sebastian P. Husher – a man who, along with his entire family, has gone missing without rhyme or reason. The third chapter that is fast approaching on PC is inspired by famed survival-horror game Obscure, and once again tasks players with taking on an enemy that uses advanced AI to react to every player’s move, better known as The Presence.

“It’s almost time for the next step in the Song of Horror story, and that means bringing the game we’ve spent years working on to a new audience” offers Ignacio Fernández, co-founder of Protocol Games, the studio behind Song of Horror. “Consoles have always been the traditional home of survival-horror games, so it’s great to be able to bring our entry in the genre to players who we know love these games as much as we do. We can’t wait.”

Those preferring to stick to the PC world will know that the first two episodes of Song of Horror can be picked up on Steam today for $7.99/€7.99/£6.99 each, or as part of the Season Pass that unlocks the rest episodes on top of the original ones in the months ahead for $21.99/€21.99/£18.99. In addition, players can also purchase the Founder Limited Edition for $19.99/€19.99/£17.14.

Features of Song of Horror include:

  • Investigate a paranormal mystery wrapped up in a story of psychological horror.
  • Tangle with The Presence, an otherworldly entity with its own adaptive A.I. that reacts to your actions and decisions to deliver an unscripted, unpredictable slice of horror.
  • Choose between a group of unique characters, each one bringing their own point of view to play with a different relationship with both the story and other characters.
  • When characters die, they die for good, but the horror continues…
  • …with the investigation picked up by a new character, tackling the story from a unique perspective, but one affected by their predecessor’s actions.
  • Explore haunted, sinister locations to gather clues to piece together the mystery behind the missing Sebastian P. Husher.

If you want to know more about the game then the original launch trailer should most certainly be taken in. Hit it up and let us know if you’ll be looking forward to seeing the launch of Song of Horror on Xbox One and PS4 early next year.


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