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A year ago, players got the opportunity to run through the Song of Iron; a Souls-inspired side-scroller from Resting Relic. Well, it seems as if this solo developer refuses to believe in slowing down, announcing a brutal sequel – Song of Iron 2. 

A blood-soaked 2D action-platformer, Song of Iron 2 has been revealed for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC through Steam, as Resting Relic gives players another chance to prove their worth in the field. 

It’ll see you returning to the moody, Nordic-inspired world of Song of Iron as you look to embrace the “Chainbreaker” name given to you by Odin. Seeking out the viking clans and freeing them from thralldom is you task, as is hunting down Wolfric, whose clan razed your home and killed the one you loved. Are you ready to chase vengeance, fight the Imperium, and unite the clans?

Challenge any who dare block your path in the visceral, merciless, run-and-gun melee combat of Song of Iron 2. Prove your bravery against foes new and old, including goblins, trolls, draugr, Imperium guards, and even gods. Maintain momentum during combat encounters, keeping bosses and minions at bay with constant pressure to avoid being overwhelmed. Axes will break, shield will splinter, and quivers will run dry throughout the journey–scavenge the battlefield for new weapons before pressing on.

Navigate a dark-fantasy landscape full of old forests, swamplands, and snow-capped mountains. Sail to new locations rife with danger and secrets alike, strange Imperium facilities, ancient seals of gods, and relics of the past. The Imperium’s veil is shaken, and old magics are slipping through the cracks. Use the gift of foresight to unite the region’s clans by either convincing them of the looming threat or forcing them to follow your cause. War is coming and their strength is needed.

Song of Iron 2 continues the tale of Breka Chainbreaker, blending updated combat, gameplay systems, and encounter designs to create a gripping and immersive chapter in the ongoing saga.

“I am excited to finally reveal part two of the Song of Iron saga! I am taking player feedback and everything I learned from the first game and pouring it into Song of Iron 2,” said Joe Winter, solo developer and founder of Resting Relic “Song of Iron 2 is a direct continuation of Brekka Chainbreaker’s story, but I’ll make sure to catch players that missed the first game up, so everyone will be able to jump right in and play! I’m also looking forward to players who sign up to check out the demo”

Song of Iron 2 will embark on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop but for now you’d do well to check out the trailer below. A Steam demo key for Song of Iron 2 can be obtained by signing up to the newsletter at

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