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SEGA like to deliver sneak peeks and with Team Sonic Racing, they are doing so more than ever. Want to check out the latest little piece of action from an all new track? There’s some stunning music to take in too!

So, as Sonic and his friends gear up for a little cruise along the beach, SEGA are dropping bombs left, right and centre by delivering a teasing look at the all new Ocean View track and the new music that goes along with it.

Yep, it’s time to grab your shades and head to the beach with the latest Team Sonic Racing track, and it’s great to be seeing Ocean View sending Sonic and his mates surfing around a pulse-racing, beachside highway, all with the spectacular scenery of waves crashing in the distance.

It’s not just all about the visuals though and with the iconic Sonic series composer Jun Senoue partnering up with artists Richard Jaques & S.A.M.E. a full-on beachy track is in place – it is one that is shore to please!

Team Sonic Racing will be hitting gamers on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch both physically and digitally when the game releases on May 21st 2019, sending out a new way of racing. That will be accompanied by a digital only PC release as gamers on all formats get the opportunity to take part in some fast-paced competitive style racing, all with our favourite characters and environments from the Sonic Universe in place.

No matter whether you decide to partake in the online scene, or prefer to race with your nearest and dearest on the sofa next to you, Team Sonic Racing will cater for allcomers with dynamic team mechanics and tons of vehicular customisation opportunities.

Don’t miss it. Check out the musical interlude now and prepare yourself for May.


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