You may be sat there wishing you could actually pay South Park: The Fractured But Whole, but to tide us over until the game actually releases next year, Ubisoft have created a number of exclusive figurines. They are pretty damn smart too.

Available to pick up right now from the Ubisoft store are four Ubicollectibles figurines. After teaming up with South Park Studios, these have been faithfully created to show the iconic heroes of the show, with the following in place…

  • The Coon 3” – Cartman’s alter-ego aims to become the hero this town needs, bringing vigilante justice to South Park. This figurine is available in a 3” size.
  • Professor Chaos 3” – Butters Stotch’s villainous alter-ego has chosen to dedicate his life to bring chaos to the world with ambitions of becoming the greatest supervillain the world has ever seen! Professor Chaos is available in a 3” size.
  • Mysterion 3” – Kenny is posing in his magnificent Kangaroo briefs. When violence and darkness take over, he fights, sometimes alone, helped with his a real super power: he can’t stay dead! This figurine is available in a 3” size.
  • Mysterion 6” – The super hero alter-ego of Kenny is posing standing in the wind, ready to rid the streets of crime. He is the symbol the town needs. A watchful protector, a silent guardian… A fallen angel. The figurine is available in a 6” size.

They may not be a complete and utter substitute for the game, and probably won’t make up for the release delay for many, but for those collectors out there, or those huge fans of the series, they will no doubt suffice.

To grab them, head on over to the Ubisoft store now.


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