After bringing the classic Blood Bowl board game series to console and PC with two faithful adaptations, Cyanide Studio are back and this time they are taking on another firm favourite within the Warhammer 40,000 universe with a new turn-based tactical game, Space Hulk: Tactics.

The coming months look set to bring a number of newly adapted Space Hulk titles to console, however Space Hulk: Tactics is the one to watch out for if you’re an avid fan of the cult board game that has amassed so many competitive followers over the years.

In Space Hulk: Tactics, players will be able to engage In bloody battles across a huge Space Hulk of asteroids, wrecked ships and debris. With the option to take control of a squad of Terminator Space Marines or the deadly alien Genestealers, players will be able to wage war on a huge scale through two unique and narrative-driven campaigns.

As players progress through the campaign of the Terminator Space Marines, there will be plenty of opportunity to customise your Blood Angels, whilst taking control of the Genestealers is a first for any Space Hulk game and is sure to bring plenty of new opportunities into play.

Space Hulk: Tactics is based on the classic rules of the popular board game but gives a fresh new spin on things via way of the unique Card system that is in place. Cards are a way to customise your squad before each given game, and if triggered at the right moments, they can have a devastating and game-changing effect on the result of the battle.

If you’re keen to express your competitive side within the world of Warhammer, then you’ll be happy to know that an expansive online multiplayer will be included with players able to command a swarm of Genestealers or a custom squad composed of all different unit types from one of four Space Marine Chapters including the Blood Angels, the Space Wolves, the Ultramarines and the Dark Angels. There are a number of multiplayer modes set to arrive, as well as a map creation tool to give players everything they could possibly need to create all new and original maps with unique custom objectives to then share and play with the online community or against the fearless AI within the game.

Space Hulk: Tactics is set to arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC later this year with more info coming in February’s Le What’s Next de Focus press event in Paris.

So, are you looking forward to an all-new experience within the Space Hulk universe? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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