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Ever since the release of Asteroids back in the late 1970s, the space shooting theme has been one that the gaming industry has consistently flocked to. Now though there’s a new game on the scene, and this one looks to take huge inspiration from those which have gone before it to deliver a challenging space shooter to the modern day gamer. Super Star Blast is that game. And it’s available now on Xbox One.

Ready to purchase and download from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Super Star Blast is the latest little indie title to try to hold its own in the madness of the space shooter genre. Pricing it up at £5.79 will certainly help the team at EntwicklerX stand out from the crowd, with a pocket money price always being something that is able to tempt gamers in.

But what can you expect from Super Star Blast? Well, clean, simple, challenging gameplay is the order of the day here and no matter whether you head into space alone, or prefer to take a local multiplayer friend along for the split-screen ride, you can be sure that the antics of the darkness will be a testing affair. Piloting your ship past and through many obstacles and enemies is par for the course, as is utilising the ability to upgrade a variety of options – namely your ship’s agility, firepower, shield capabilities and more).

If you wish to head into the unknown and reckon that low price point for Super Star Blast allows for a bit of action, then the Xbox Store will sort you out with the usual download. Things have come a long way since Asteroids first lit up the gaming landscape, and this certainly looks to prove what is possible with a limited budget.

Features include:

  • Massive challenging levels of increasing difficulty
  • Enemies with unique flying and fire characteristics
  • Upgrade center (agility, fire power, shield, ships)
  • Single player campaign
  • 2 – 4 player local multiplayer coop mode (split screen)
  • Simple and clean 3D space graphics

Let us know in the comments if you decide to pick up this delightful looking space shooter. We’ll no doubt have some thoughts of our own coming your way soon too. Keep an eye out for our review.

Game Description:

Super Star Blast is a space shooter with challenging levels of increasing difficulty. All enemies must be shot down to finish a level and go to the next one. A scanner around the player tells roughly where the enemies are located. The player ship can fly forwards to attack and backwards to fight during the retreat against the opponents. After clearing a level you can purchase equipment to boost the ship, as well as extra shields and firepower or more ships. In local multiplayer mode, up to 4 players can fight together trough the levels (campaign mode) or can get each other in a battle (competition mode).

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