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Fast-paced sci-fi first person shooters are far from unique, but Space Station Sprint looks to switch things up a little bit. Are you ready to sprint your way to the objective and space jump back to your escape ship? You’ll be able to do just that right now on Xbox and PC. 

Available to purchase and download this very minute on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC, Space Station Sprint has been put together by the solo game developer going under the name Buffalo New York. And what they’ve put together looks to be pretty good fun too, as players get the chance to work their way through a super fast-paced first person shooter, infiltrating numerous space stations, completing objectives and getting the hell outta there. 

It’s priced at £8.39, and whilst not optimised for Xbox Series X|S, it does come with some lovely Xbox One Enhanced visuals. It’s got plenty in terms of gameplay too, and as you move, shoot and explore the stations around you, you’ll find yourself slipping and sliding past enemy projectiles, all whilst looking for the quickest path you can find to the objective at hand. From there, it’s pretty much a hop, skip and huge space jump back to your escape ship. 

You’ll have a plethora of items at your disposal too – grenades, shockwaves and the ability to pull off some slo-mo skills too. Drop in permanent upgrades, time bonuses, collectibles and hidden secrets throughout and there should be a decent array of reasons to head out into the solar system and fight back against the impending alien invasion.

The feature set will include:

  • You need to keep moving, keep shooting, and keep exploring if you are going to be complete each level before your escape ship is spotted
  • Slide to dodge enemy projectiles and use slow motion to line up your best shot. Launch your grenade or get up close and personal and use your Shockwave to send enemies flying
  • Explore each level to find permanent upgrades for weapon, health, abilities, and your SPRINT speed
  • Find secondary objectives in every level to gain time bonuses to help explore all areas of each level

If you wish to see how Space Station Sprint plays out for yourself, the Xbox Store or Steam page will sort you out. Alternatively hold tight for our full review. 

Game Description:

Infiltrate each space station and complete your objective before your escape ship is spotted by the enemy. Sprint your way to find the quickest path to the objective and Space Jump back to your escape ship. Use your slide, grenade, shockwave, and slow motion abilities to increase your chance to survive. Find permanent upgrades, time bonuses, collectibles, and secrets throughout each space station.

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