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Sometimes the simplest of gaming experiences are the best. At others, it’s all about the wider picture. Genesis Noir is one of those latter games – a game centred around time, space and the chance to save your true love. And it just so happens to be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass. 

From the Fellow Traveller team, Genesis Noir sees you taking on the role of No Man, a watch seller who has found themselves slap bang middle of a love triangle. You see, No Man, Miss Mass and Golden Boy have a bit of a thing going, yet as with all games it isn’t long before things start to go wrong, with The Big Bang jumping in, firing off shots and getting in on the creative action. From there, you’re left with decisions – prevent, or destroy those which are at the heart of creation and save your one love. 

So, the premise is pretty deep, yet Genesis Noir takes on a simple yet effective non-traditional point and click affair. Experimentation is key to how you’ll get around the ever-expanding universe as you take in its lifespan and attempt to change destiny. With a gloriously simple art style, and the promise to witness things other games can only dream of, we’re mighty impressed with the whole setup of Genesis Noir. 

Features include:

  • A NON-TRADITIONAL POINT AND CLICK ADVENTURE: Dial a rotary phone; destroy a civilization; plant a garden; improvise with a musician; create life—experiment with objects to progress your journey.
  • JUMP INTO THE EXPANDING UNIVERSE: Explore moments throughout the lifespan of the universe, and search for a way to change the course of destiny.
  • WITNESS THE BIRTH AND HISTORY OF MANKIND: Observe moments in the history of the universe, from the first microseconds of Life to trillions of years in the future.

Our full review of the game on Xbox will be with you in the days ahead, but with access given through either a standard Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S purchase for £12.49, or the whole highly viable Xbox Game Pass route provided what can only equate to free access, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be involving yourself with this one. 

Let us know what you think of Genesis Noir down in them comments. 

Game Description:

A noir adventure spanning time and space. You play as No Man, a watch peddler caught in a love triangle with other cosmic beings, Miss Mass and Golden Boy. When your affair turns into a bitter confrontation, you will witness a gunshot fired by a jealous god—otherwise known as The Big Bang. Jump into the expanding universe and search for a way to prevent or destroy creation and save your love.

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