It was teased during Smuggler’s Week, but now it’s time for the next saga in the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series to take hold!

GTA Online is chock full of new and exciting features, with barely a week going by when it isn’t worth heading in to see what special events are taking hold. That is no more true this week as the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series is here.

If you thought you had mastered every single concept car and experimental prototype Los Santos had to offer then think again as new batch of fiendish Special Vehicle Circuit Races for the Imponte Deluxo, Ocelot Stromberg & Mammoth Thruster, are ready to eat you alive.

Available to play right now are the following, with double GTA$ and RP in place for all until the 7th May:

Imponte Deluxo Races

  • Stadium Flyover: The whole stadium is on its feet waiting for the all-American finale: a low-level flyover by levitating sports cars.
  • Raton Race: Raton Canyon is the kind of rugged terrain that makes any red-blooded adrenaline junkie reach for their climbing boots— or the keys to their flying car.
  • Cresting: Whether you’re driving, surfing the waves, soaring above the mountains, or doing all the above in your Deluxo – there’s nothing quite like the San Andreas coastline.
  • Techno: This is no edible-fueled night in Los Santos – when your car takes off and starts flying, that’s every bit as real as the psychedelic tunnels and rings of fire.

Ocelot Stromberg Races

  • Spindrift: As an underwater labyrinth strewn with naval mines gradually reveals itself, try to remember that every moment of paralyzed terror is a moment off your lap time.
  • The Kraken: Fair warning. If you’ve ever had bad calamari, this one is probably not for you.
  • Plunge: Every pro racer knows to keep a finger on submersible mode when there’s suddenly no more track and you’re soaring into the stratosphere with only the ocean as your landing pad.

Mammoth Thruster Races

  • Vinewood Air Tours: Welcome to the high life— the neon glow of the city, the Vinewood sign shining from the hills, 1,000 pounds of thrust roaring at your back and the prospect of horrifying mid-air collisions.
  • Chiliad Drop: One minute you’re soaring over the summit of Mount Chiliad, the next you’re strafing into a cliff with only some rocket fuel and the promise of bragging rights to cushion the blow.
  • FlyLo Challenge: The survival rate in a Los Santos road tunnel at rush hour could only get lower if road-raging maniacs ditched their cars and used jetpacks instead. But that would never happen.

Of course, there is also a Premium Race – The Downtown Loop – and a Time Trial at Fort Zancudo to worry about too, with extra special triple RP going to all participants who can manage to finish in the top 3.

Alongside these races come a number of decent vehicle discounts too, with the Warstock Cash & Carry offering 25% off the Thruster, Deluxo Stromberg, Ruiner 2000, Rocket Voltic and Blazer Aqua.

If you needed an excuse to fire up GTA Online once more, then this week brings plenty of reason. Get to it!

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