If you’re a gamer, then you would know about the brilliant work that SpecialEffect do, helping those from around the world break down barriers and get gaming… no matter what disability they may have to deal with. That work is now being taking on to the next level as SpecialEffect and Microsoft have collaborated to develop the Xbox Adaptive Controller

A customisable Xbox Wireless Controller that has been designed primarily for gamers with limited mobility, the customisable Adaptive Controller features large programmable buttons and is able to be connected to external devices such as switches, buttons, joysticks, and mounts, in order to help make gaming more accessible for everyone.

“This has been a milestone collaboration for us,” said SpecialEffect Founder and CEO Dr Mick Donegan. “Our experience in helping people with complex physical disabilities to access video games has enabled us to provide not only very relevant advice about features and design, but also direct feedback from a user-centred perspective. Microsoft have a competitively-priced product here that has massive potential to help many more people globally to enjoy the magic of video games.”

SpecialEffect were one of several accessibility non-profits and special interest groups asked by Microsoft to be in involved in the planning and development phases of the controller, with the likes of The AbleGamers Foundation, The Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and Warfighter Engaged all contacted. This also included a large number of gamers with accessibility needs who work with and through these organisations.

“Creating complex game control setups for people with severe disabilities takes time, care and specialist expertise,” said Dr Donegan. “With so many factors to be considered – comfort, safety, positioning, equipment selection and mounting – this first-party product provides a terrifically versatile and effective way of connecting our game setups to the console.”

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is coming later in 2018. You can get a glimpse of it, and a bit more info over at Xbox.com

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