If there’s a decent indie game out there, then the Square Enix Collective will no doubt have heard of it. Today, they’ve confirmed that they have signed up the rather addictive, very vertical, action adventure, Octahedron.

Developed by indie guys, Demimonde, Octahedron will see you creating your own platforms, before ascending them and trying to escape from the strange subterranean world of Veetragoul. It won’t be easy though as heading your way will be a host of peculiar enemies which are out to take you down. With rhythm-synced action and handcrafted levels in place, the 2D adventure has been attracting attention throughout its development process. Now though, Square Enix Collective have stepped in to push things over the line.

“It’s very rare indeed to find a platformer that really feels new – and as soon as we played Octahedron we realised it managed just that,” says Phil Elliott, Director of Indie Development at Square Enix London. “The combination of the soundtrack working in tandem with the colours on screen makes taking on Octahedron a real assault on the senses. It really stands out, and is a game you need to play – and listen to – in order to really appreciate.”

“I feel like working with Square Enix Collective is going to take Octahedron to the next level,” offers Marco Guardia, the man behind all the action. “I’m really excited to showcase some choice levels from the 50 stages on offer to as many people as possible – it’s always exciting to watch gamers get to grips with the different mechanics behind play right in front of your eyes. EGX should be the perfect place to experience that.”

Octahedron should be releasing on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam for PC in 2018. If you’re attending EGX in the UK from Sept 21st-24th, then you’ll be able to find the game on the largest ever Square Enix Collective stand.

Make sure you swing by and give it a look.

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